Help with online dating virgo

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    I met a virgo man 5 years ago, he proposed love but me not being used to online dating thought its a scam. We chatted but I left and had a baby. Then we reconnected again after opening a new fb profile.

    We started chatting then ended having a relationship because it wasn't only on fb but we exchanged numbers and video calls between myself, himself and his kids . All was good and he was very open about his life and the kids sicknesses and struggles he goes through.

    All was good till last September where he would just withdraw when we have a fight. Like it will take him a week to clear his head. All continued till I broke it off in April this year. But we fixed things somehow. What I realised is he won't Apologize when he's wrong, he will mention the problem but not in an apologetic manner. I even blocked him for a month, then 5th week I saw his missed call saying he's been trying to contact me. I then smsed him, he was like I wanted to tell you ,I love you and we must forget about what he said that ended us in fighting.

    The other day, he asked for a favor, I get all materials then he's quite for like a week. Then I smsed him and even told him I won't tolerate his disrespect, he seems to be having a big ego, he must watch it because what goes up, must come down. I lost it and Told him f off.

    He text back saying I must watch my tongue, have I become a knife in his life and how can I send him such a hateful sms, he's in hospital with the little one and doesn't know how the other two are.

    I'm surprised at the lack of communication and hiding the fact he's in hospital. Are these virgo men ok upstairs.

    It's like he's trying to emotionally blackmail in feeling sorry for him and understanding his crazy behavior.

    Has anyone experienced this with a virgo

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  • you have a very strange story
    you just listen to your heart

  • I'm also a Virgo by horoscope and all my attempts to meet someone online have failed.

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