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  • I am new to astrology and reading a book that says Leo men Like people that don't let them get away with anything and calls them on things they try to pull over on people.Everything else i have read says the opposite so which is true?

  • leos are no shy to fights. but they would rather fight on the right side then the wrong one.

    if they do fight on the wrong one, they would appreciate a warning and information than accussation. to accuse them wrongly is to hurt their pride and they will make sure you suffer from it. temper tantrum is one you have to watch when dealing with them. some leos might have rising and moon signs that help them control it but those who don't, you will have to thread carefully with them. if a leo believes he fights on the right side, he will stop at nothing. that's why it's important to let him know if he is serving the wrong intention, not accusing him. they won't spend energy and time for something they don't feel worth it.

    when it comes to love, if you care to praise them for the good and kindness they do, they will do the same to you. they do crave for attention but doesn't always mean fancy restaurant or lavish gifts. if you can give them, good. if not, they can settle for the gifts from the heart. the leo males I know always dress well or at least sexy to show off their figure. we are physical and visual sign. you want to date a leo male, you have to pay extra attention on your look and your dress. he likes showing you off to his friends and family. if you look or behave carelessly, it will turn him off. again this doesn't mean you have to buy expensive dress, as long as it helps you flaunt your beauty, he will accept it. I don't know leo males that go with inner beauty only, they take care of their looks, so they will expect you do the same.

    here is a list of famous ppl, royalty etc of this sign, there are plenty but I don't feel like typing them all. you can easily find them online anyway.

    Madonna - virgo rising

    kate beckinsale, jennifer lopez - libra rising

    barack obama - aqua rising

    helen mirren, mick jagger - gemini rising

    ben affleck - cancer rising

    sandra bullock, robert de niro, louis vuitton - cancer rising

    Dustin hoffman - capricorn rising

    halle berry - taurus rising

    charlize theron, melinda gates, debra messing, billy bob t. - rising unknown

    Mata Hari, Napoleon - scorpio rising

    sean penn - sag rising

    check out the wbsites you may find more info.

  • ah I forgot to add these

    Arnold Schwarzenegger and Henry Ford

    that's it, too many to write them all.

  • Thanks leoscorpion for the information.

    I know two leo's.Thier personalities are totally opposite and three scorpio's and thier personalities are different.Can you tell me what would be the best astrology books to study that would give me thier sun signs and the why difference in personalities?

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  • Is the birth time always necessary?What if you're doing a chart and the person doesn't know their birth time..if they were adopted,parents deceased or they have no birth certificate handy.Can you still do thier chart?

  • yes birth time is needed unfortunately

    if you don't know I guess you have to come up with the closest time possible

    hopefully it will be accurate

    maybe they remember if it's noon, or night time, morning etc

    so you can make up a time at least

    some planets don't move fast so accurate birth time might not be needed for them

    but it is definitely needed for rising sign placement

  • leoscorpion you are so right! Having been married to a Leo (Pisces moon) he did not start fights but do not start one with him b/c he will finish it! What I loved most about him was that he believed in cleanliness and especially his Body!! He wasn't a very attractive man if you judge people by their looks but his good heart and sense of humor made him a very beautiful person. He's deceased now due to a heart condition and I truly miss him and his cooking!! He should have been a chef.

  • sorry for your loss

    I remember your other thread about him. that sure was a leo male you got there

    leos rule the heart and other parts I forgot what but not face

    so yes leo males may not be good looking but they sure make it up with the body and heart

    oh my, he cooked well? my Cap hubby cooks well

    LOL I'm the cleaner of the house for sure but no good in cooking 😞

    I have this feeling that to keep the kitchen clean we shouldn't cook too often LOL

    or at least use the least space possible 🙂 crazy, right?

  • Believe it or not you sound like my Gemini co-worker who after raising five children is not gung-ho about cooking either and would rather sew or read a book. I'm so pleased you remembered my other post and now that I can do this from home, got a laptop last Saturday and got on the internet yesterday I'm just like a kid in a candy store. I was writing from work and will still on my break but once I'm at home and it's only me and Cas (my cat) GET READY THE CAP IS IN TOWN!

  • well thats nice casper

    hope to see you more in the forum

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