So, I pulled the Judgement card in a reading about trying to conceive...

  • Hello, I would really like some clarity on these readings, please if anyone has some useful information I would appreciate it very much 🙏

    Last night I did a reading on myself. I consulted my deck and the book that came with it but i still am having a bit of trouble deciphering what exactly I pulled.

    I recently asked my partner if they would like to try for a baby to which they accepted. I asked my deck something along the lines of: "when's the right time for me to try to start conceiving?" I pulled the Judgement card. (it was a one card pull)

    I then shuffled and asked a different question: "Should I even try to conceive at this point in my life?" I pulled the Judgement card again.

    I'm still a beginner to tarot and i could sit and write out what I think the cards meant from what I've learned and experienced so far. I would really like to see what you guys do with it though! Thanks

  • Hi @honey-cosmos
    What a lovely question.
    Without getting all esoteric and woo woo, it seems the plain, simple answer could be - the best time is when you have all your ducks in a row. The card could mean examining different aspects of your life and making sure you are ready for such a big life change.
    Wishing you good luck.

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