3 card interpretation

  • 4 of wands in Self
    Knight of coins in Situation
    King of coins in Challenges

    Was asking about my general situation.

  • @Dallyalot
    Which deck did you use?

    4 of wands could mean stability., foundations for creativity, passion, energy or ambition or it could speak of contracts, a reason to connect with a union, a marriage of some sorts ...

    Knight of coins could speak of a youthful person who comes into your life, he may be earthy in health related attitude or fixed on finances , material aspects ... you may find this speaks of a slow journey moving ahead...

    While the King of Coins could speak of an opportunity arriving in relation to a business, financial aspect or maybe someone who is a practical hands on type person.. straight forward in there action, doing things without being asked by another ... ..

    it can be hard to give a hard and fast meaning to the cards without being in that moment ./.. what were your own initial thoughts? How did the cards make you feel in that moment?

  • @hekatesxing knight of coins usually for me means financial difficulty. Being escalated by king of coins in challenges. If I remove the challenges self and situation it could relate someone steady in finances. I would have to do a full reading. Been contemplating thinking about moving closer to sister however she lives in more expensive area. I would have to be ready to forfeit good portion of savings etc. I think we're in a housing bubble and afraid it'll bust. Don't know. Wrestling w some issues. Can you do a reading ty

  • @Dallyalot
    What do you particularly need to know? What would your specific question be?
    AT this stage a quick summary in What do you need to know re moving closer to your sister at this time?
    Reading tarotcom.jpg
    My thought with Moon Baby Tarot .. at this stage it could be about have faith, truly believe it is possible .. it may be important to take some time out to reflect on this situation ... While the Queen of Wands can speak of nurturing your creative ideas in making it happen be confident in the process ... so even though I say take some time out to reflect on how to make it happen with confidence ... It could imply a vision board in some way could help .. seeing a vision of what you truly desire in front of you everyday could help you make the goal possible ..
    This is a starting point to making it happen ...

  • @hekatesxing thank you for this. Can you do a full 11 card reading for me as this is addressing present. The question would be should I stay put

  • @Dallyalot
    No I am unable to do a full free reading .. This is something I would normally charge for - I would suggest if you want a reading you check out the different readers that are available here through Tarot.com and pay for a proper reading to get clarity about the situation ..

  • @hekatesxing ok thks again

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