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  • Hi Captain, I am now helping, taking care of my mom full time. I get compensated by her ins. My problem is lonliness and boredom although I keep myself busy. Been thinking about joining an online dating site just to be able to meet mostly, don't really have expectations other than that. My question is am I doing what's best for me. I know it's in my mom's best interest as I've been able to get her stable. It's taken awhile to get her meds right, etc. She came to me in bad shape from a nursing home back in 2017. I have tried to work but have a hard time w/finding suitable help. Please help as I feel lonely. Should I continue down this path or keep trying with finding help with the struggles that involves. Is this just something I must endure to actually fall into something else. Your insight plz.

  • Dating sites are now almost complete rip-offs and you can never be sure who you are talking to. Avoid at all costs especially when you feel vulnerable and lonely. . A better idea would be to find a group that shares your interests or hobbies. Then maybe if it is local, you can all meet up somewhere for coffee and chat. Instead of seeing yourself as shut off from the world, thank your lucky stars that you are being kept safe from Covid and all the other nasties in this world. What about getting a pet? A dog will get you out of the house and you can talk to other dog-owners in your travels.

  • @TheCaptain yes I'm going to softball practice this eve for 1st time. Hope will be fun. Yes I do get in a certain frame of mind. Being more thankful is correct. I have no family around. So will take on a different perspective. Looking for groups. Have several friends who want to meet for lunch which helps.

  • @Dallyalot great!

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