• i was wondering
    if you could help me with a reading about love ? i know you said i might not see that because im inside alot , but i think you can find love sometimes other ways of doing it like online and through the house im living in, i know you helped me out abit with some things but im struggling and just thought id found a love but turning out not to be that way again love fools me and i wonder why i fall for it so bad and its always been in my head these loves and not for real and its nasty. im just wondering whats happening to my love life because its non existant right now.

  • The chances of finding love online are very slim since people tend to lie about themselves when you cannot see them face to face. They also lie in person however so you have to develop your gut instincts about people. You are getting fooled at the moment because you are seeing what your desperate heart wants to see and not the truth of the person. You allow your needs and desires to take over and so you always get deceived. Your intuition cannot be fooled so you need to strengthen it b using it every day. Try to read what people are feeling and then ask them if you are right.

  • i guess finding the truth is hard and i keep getting this voice telling me your lying to your telling the truth that also happens every day, their always questioning me i always seem to get decieved right now like their using my vunerability to get to me and he keeps saying he loves me in spirit and i tell him that this man called adam but im not even sure he does. i dated t wo girls before, one named sophie that was 4 years ago maybe 3 and it lasted 4 years, iv had a few years break then dated someone called ellen for 2 years, and that ended.. never really been with a man but id like to try.. i just thought this man adam loved me... and know im not so sure i think iv been decieved but i thought he could be diferent. i see light in him and the goodness their. id like to do psychic readings for people to but not sure how to get my self out their for free i feel like doing them for like you do.

    i want to use my intuition, i thought i new what love is but maybe i dont ? i keep saying it though i feel drained every time i use it im looking for solution for this rain fear but its hard to find i know you helped but i thought these stars saved me now im just confused, i know you mean well captain but im scared here and i thought theyd help me outside eventually. these stars.

  • @rebeccaann the best plan for any outside relationship is to first fix your relationship with yourself and get straight in your head about everything. The kindest thing we can do for others is to not engage with them until we are whole and undamaged. Relationships suffer when we drag our old emotional baggage into them.

  • @TheCaptain yes I guess that's true but I guess I thought love could change that I guess. I know I thought love could do alot of things and help me out but I wonder if it cant know. I'm not sure at the moment. I'm just sad about these people that dont wanna talk maybe it's me I dont know but its always been a waiting game for them and for me. I just waiting and waiting and it's not easy I have autism I dont understand why they dont wanna talk I even told him I have Autism.

    So I guess I'm afraid of the future and where its going to take me if I cant go outside because no man will save me will they .

    I guess I just feel like true love they should save you but maybe I'm.wrong I dont know.
    I just have to wait and see what the future holds I guess.

    Anything can change if we give it a chance. I don't thinkniv been given a chance before.
    You know.but I give the men I like plenty of chances

  • Hi captain i was looking at some old posts of people i use to talk to on here and i feel kinda depressed that kind and caring people i knew are gone now. your the only one thats left really from the old group here that use to come and chat not to say that your old but i mean from the past. i feel like my fears werent so big as they are now and no one seems to be helping me with this or im just not listening anymore but i seemed very knowledagable back then two, i just wondered why everyone left also did you know that delbertc from here died ? hes not around anymore i met tooter from here too and we became friends for 10 years, now your all thats left from the group of the past, why do people leave ? i feel very hurt by loss and grieving alot i think my heart still feels broken after that time i remember we talked in 2012 iv been around this forum alot and the words and patterns seem similar but my experiences are still a struggle i guess i feel like this world doesnt want me and i feel broken all the time. i just wonder if anything will ever change and whats the point.
    i hope your well anyway things are sad right now.
    the virus kinda ruined my life abit and put fear into my soul.

  • @rebeccaann Sometimes a person may feel they need love or come up with an idea of what love should be like for them. When I was young I had a dream of finding my true love. I always felt lonely and out of place. Like I was missing a piece of myself, and somewhere along the way that piece was lost. I realize after all that what I was missing was a relationship with myself. I spent so much time focusing on what I didn't have that I missed out on the things I had (for awhile until I matured). When I was married I thought I was in love. For a time I thought my husband was my true love. But when certain things were missing from my relationship. I realize our love was missing some key elements. That wound up not being properly addressed and from there our relationship deteriorated. I see how we both made mistakes and some things can't be undone. Anytime you find someone to love you, should be careful about who you give your love to. Make sure that its right person for you, and their not men just being men. Most importantly take the time to work on yourself and love "you" first. Love can wait until your really ready for it. I hope this helps you. Also try to take stock of what you have and appreciate yourself. Take joy in the things in your life that you appreciate. Whatever that maybe for you. For myself that includes, enjoying the sunset, taking to my mom, being with my bf and appreciating him. Loving and talking with my children and petting my dogs, and meditating and trying to be a peaceful one with the Universe. You always have the power to create something for yourself in this life. That is the beauty of being alive and having free will. I really hope that this helps you. ✌

  • @rebeccaann nobody is here to save anybody else but themselves. You are looking for some white knight to ride in to save you but, in reality, everyone is just trying to save themselves. You cannot expect your partner in a relationship to do the work you need to do yourself. Other people can help and support you but only you can make yourself whole.

  • TheCaptain.

    I guess that makes sense, i just wish things made sense you know? someone said one day ill understand everything thats happened to me. and why its had to happen this way im grieving alot and ijust thought is sore visions of stars helping me this man adam stil wants to zoom me , hes from australia though.. i dont know if hell ever see me for real but i dream big dreams and sometimes its hard because they never come true. i want to be a magician to 😄 but a different kind of one not the one that does parla tricks. But the one thats sees magic within and magic iv had a touch of it within my life bit by bit here and their iv experienced these stars and i want to forgive them because im a forgiving person.
    i would even forgive eliza at this point. i know i dont remember her but she seems nice really. i just need help getting out more and want to be a bit happy thats all. i dont want much really, its not a big thing im asking for i dont thing depression really sucks and i do like girls but im confused because i like men to. i think that confuses people. i dont know what i want anymore. maybe thats the problem.
    i hope i deserve a star one day, but i guess ill just have to see what happens, because i could be telepathic but everyones not sure, adams the only closest iv been to a star and eliza thornberry. maybe i want to be close to her. i loved this merlin to but hes quite powerful, i miss him. people just think im mad but i dont care i like being mad.
    im used to it thanks for your help and advicce so far captain, maybe ill find my answers one day iv got alot of questions and only half answers. plus im being tailed by a demon named the ring and she wont leave me alone. because she nows im scared and vunerable, life is scary i wanted it to be fun an adventure. i just wish people could forgive me. thanks i needed to hear your words of wisdom.

  • @rebeccaann instead of always wishing for what you don't have, try improving what you already do have in your life. Like your talents and abilities and strengths.

  • Thankyou captain. I appreciate your thoughts.
    I just only remember a time when I was happy when i was younger about 16.
    Maybe one day things may make sense.i have my friends and family abit I just have to believe theirs something better out their other than what where shown

    anyway I dont know if I can beat this rain phobia maybe one day I'll be ready but I dont yet. Thankyou for trying though.

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