So Confused

  • Hi

    I have been with D for over 3 years and we spilt up just after easter. While we are not together, I hae been able to close the door and yet am now where I want to try again at the relationship. He is with someone else but hasn't cut the connection between us either. I am confused as to what the universe is telling me.

    Help please!!

  • Hi, I think you'll feel better once you move on.

  • what is he telling you? is he saying he wants to be friends or is he telling you he is not happy and is going to leave her????

    If the latter is the answer then you must be strong,,, men always want one girl securly waiting before they dump the other, if this is the case it is not healthy for him to jump from relationship to relationship,and not good for your selfesteam, you need to tell him to take care of his issues and then when he has let go of his "stuff" with her you will be ready to to consider a healthy relationship that is just about you and him.

  • Hi Dalia, thanks for taking the time to respond. I guess what confuses me is that I had closed the door and started moving on and now am in a place where I know he has resolved some of the issues that were a problem between us ands I may just be hoping I suppose

  • Hi Virgogirl64

    When he left the relationship he asked for a chance for us to be friends, which I took some months to think over as I wasn't sure how to take it. During that time I closed the door and started moving on and didn't give him much thought, but in the last couple of months I have been thinking about him and that's why I am confused

  • I think you need to discuss this with him - after all, you were in a relationship for three years.

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