Captain can you do a reading on my emotional virgo and I?

  • F- 5/16/1986
    M- 9/5/1986

    I made a comment about a potential break up bc with covid and all I've been having a hard time finding sitters for us to go on dates and didn't think it was fair to him. So, he declined the break up and said that he's never thought to complain about it and he's been fine coming over and just spending time together after the kids are asleep and that it was just a temporary situation and when we can get sitters we'll do trips and dates. And talked to me for hours about staying together and even said he loved me. We were fine the next day and then he got distant and eventually stopped responding. He finally reached out on the 3rd day and said it was bc he can't be in a situation where I tell him every other week that I couldn't do this so he decided to give me space. He then stated we could talk we he gets back from a week long trip he told me nothing about.... please help!!!! Bc what the heck!!!!

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