So confused new this please help!

  • Hi everyone! I'm super excited to be here and start this journey! Today I pulled some cards for a man I've been seeing for about a month and a half now. With covid and everything I've had issues finding responsible sitters to babysit so that we can go on dates. So, he comes by after my 2 children are asleep to watch movies and eat in. I started to feel bad bc I felt it wasn't fair to him that we stay in all the time after not being able to do anything for his birthday. So I decided to tell him I didn't think it was fair to him and break it off. So, after bringing it up to him he tells me that he doesn't feel like its a valid reason to break up and he's not accepting it and explains that it not even anything he's complained about and he understood that was part of it when we started dating... etc and later that night he went on to say he loved me and we'd figure things out together but I'd have to open up and allow him to. He leaves the next morning and everything was fine. We texted thoughout the day and it was originally normal, but then he started to get short. And didn't answer my calls from then on. So, he finally messages back and says that " He decided to give me space bc he can't be in a situation where I tell him every other week I can't do this.", but it was literally the 1st time I had mentioned it. So, 2 days later he responds to me and says that he's going on a week long trip and will see me when he gets back....a completely random trip I pulled cards and asked if I should be concerned that he was going on a trip with another woman I'm new to this so kind of confused by the meaning..... I used the illuminated tarot cards.... Thanks is advance

    1st card- 7 of diamonds (The Star… Hope Healing)
    2nd card- Jack of Diamonds (Facination Wonder Scholarship)
    3rd card- 6 of diamonds (Charity Harmony Cooperation)
    4th card- Jack of Hearts (Unconscious thoughts coming to the surface… contemplation)
    5th card-Ace of Spades (Focus Clarity)

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