Captain can you please do a reading g for me.

  • I would like to know why my b.f. always has to have the final say so and control of any situation? Down to whether I cancel my checking account or keep it? Also things like when I go back to work. Why does he want me to keep him posted on what jobs I apply for? Is he concerned about getting coronavirus or is he trying to control me? 😊 my bd is 12-12-1980. Does he not realize he is making me feel smothered in our relationship?

  • He is trying to control you and this is why he doesn't want you to get your own place = freedom.

  • @TheCaptain then when he gets mad at me over something I said. He throws it in my face. That I am not working and he's carrying the financial load and I don't contribute anything to the relationship. When he didn't want me to work cause of coronavirus. So if he didn't want me to work then why throw it in my face? I told him I'm not putting up with this. He's nice as pie normally then when he gets mad he starts saying crap. I think he's just stressed out. But still I am not a personal punching bag, and I don't deserve it. Thats why I go back and forth about moving out too. When its good its great. When its not its simply,not good at all.

  • @TulipLilly again you have a man trying to control you - this is your pattern and you must break it. When it's good in your relationship, it's probably because you are doing what you are told.

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