Cancer man

  • Hey all,
    I know I should probably just get over this, and I am, it’s still fresh, and time heals but wth is with cancer men? Was with this guy for 5 months, everything was amazing, he had some depression and ptsd which I was understanding about, he would talk about “our future” tell me how much he “adored” me, then he got cold and distant, when I asked him what was up he broke it off with me, saying he’s been thinking and we will hit heartbreak in the future as we live far away…2 hours away, I know we weren’t together long, but it was intense…i probably sound like a sook, but I just had no idea this would happen, im not going to fight for someone to be with me, been there and done that, so I wished him all the best and just blocked him, im so sad man, I feel real used and just like I didn’t matter to him at all. I seem to always attract the same type of men, is there anyone out there for a Pisces? Or am I destined to be single and heartbroken forever lol

  • @PinkPisces i think he scares to face with a break up. You should show your love more even though you are 2 h away. I think you guys can meet every week though. I think it can be fixed if it’s really the case. Probably he waits more love from you and acts weird because of that. Maybe he fears to loose you.

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