What is up with this virgo man?

  • I had a virgo friend (his sun+moon+mercury+venus in VIRGO), we liked each other and started dating. But after 4 months i got the feeling he didn't want to commit but i did so i left. I told him that its not working and blocked him on most things but he managed to contact me after 1.5 months and we talked then started dating again.

    I was still antsy I guess bc he would tell me how he committed to his ex-gfs within 2 weeks. But i felt like he didn't want to be with me at all so I leave and try to move on, i blocked him on everything. He comes to my place of work and says he wants to be friends. I was like ok which ended up leading us to dating again. This man will not leave me alone. But this time, after a while I expressed how drained and tired I am of this unending dating stage.

    He responded with: "Do you want to know the truth, I am waiting for you to change, as you are, you are not the girl I want to date, I feel like you have so much room left to grow, I’ve already been through my beginner stages and it feels like going backwards when I talk to you cause it’s like I’m teaching you how you should be acting. I’ve already been through my growth stage, I realized recently after our last discussion more than ever that you have absolutely no experience when it comes to dealing with another person, and you have not hit that point in your life where you are matured to where I can say I want you to be my partner, I believe that I’ve been staying and talking to you in an attempt to help you grow faster but i don’t think this is the way". I left for good this time and made sure he can't contact me. I also switched jobs so he can't see me there anymore. But WH do this? Why not just leave me alone if im not the girl you want to commit to?

  • What a loser - this guy is hooked on feeling superior to everyone esp. women. He likes to see himself as the mentor/teacher type with you as the eternal (grateful) student whom he has to help and set right. What an ass! His behaviour shows how very UNADVANCED and UNEVOLVED he is.

  • @TheCaptain Yeah I figured as much.....I blocked him on everything.

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