Captain, would you do a reading, please?

  • I know you've done some extremely helpful readings forme in the past. I'm trying to understand a certain relationship in my life. I thought they were my twin flame. I could be wrong. Is that something that can be found through astrology? My bday is Sept 2 1985 and his is Sept 8 1988. Thank you, if you're able!

  • @IrieEden the words "twin flame" are often used to imply a karmic, fated relationship when it is really a soulmate relationship, and in fact a twin flame relationship is very rare. Twin flames come together specifically to work on some grand mission in the world. What you actually have is a comfortable, companionable relationship based on the two of you being very similar in personality and attitudes. It's like being siblings, something familiar but not a great passionate love affair.

    Both of you have a strong tendency to withdraw regularly from the world and to lead highly private personal lives. The synergy of your relationship magnifies this trait, making isolation almost a prerequisite for you at times. It’s not that you can’t be forceful and reliable in your professional worlds—far from it. It is simply that there is a split between your public and your private lives that must be rigorously observed. Your friends, for example, may often come from your own professional strata, but your meetings with these people are usually subject to social rules that determine when and how often you can appropriately see each other outside work. A love affair and/or marriage between the two of you can be a quietly emotional relationship in which feelings are expressed without a lot of fuss. You may be a little unprepared for your partner's sexual tastes, but once you catch on, the relationship can prove mutually satisfying. You will tend to stay together through thick and thin. If a breakup does occur, it can be extremely painful. The relationship may suffer from hypersensitivity, nervousness and instability however, since the two of you do not have a stabilizing effect on each other emotionally. You often can have a somewhat rigid insistence on doing things the proper way, and this can bother your partner, who enjoys doing things in his own strange manner. In truth, though, the irritation here can be mutual, for this trait of your partner's can upset you no end - you will see it as unnecessary and wasteful. You both really need to relax more, forget about work and make some new friends who know how to have fun, be more open and flexible, and get out of your comfort zone in order to grow the relationship and yourselves.

  • @TheCaptain Thank you! You described the relationship well, even though we've never been together. It isn't hard to imagine two Virgos butting heads about how things "should" be done. I imagine our relationship would be very much like this. We've been nothing but occasional, distant friends for the better part of 20 years, but I've always been madly in love with him. It was actually a very passionate experience for me the few times that we've been together. I always wondered if the intensity was mutual. Apparently he has enough feelings for me to continue a friendship, but I always wondered if relationship potential was there in the very distant future. I'd hoped that if it was a twin flame thing that this would indicate we'd come together eventually. From what I've read here, this is unlikely to be the case. Not what I wanted to hear, but it's the truth, no less. Thank you!

  • @IrieEden I'd love to know how this panned out? How are you doing?

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