I'm stressing out about these cards

  • Last night I decided to draw a card for the week ahead (a card for each day of the week). I've had a really difficult time of broken relationships, broken faith (in people and myself), heartbreak and loss of self. A lot of 'Tower' type stuff. I'm gradually recovering but still struggle often. This spread has made me feel very uneasy and I don't feel like I can interpret it without bias:

    Monday: Death
    Tuesday: 5 of pentacles
    Weds: 10 swords
    Thurs: 5 swords

    (see what I mean..?) and then...

    Fri: Knight of Cups
    Sat: 2 of cups
    Sun: The Hanged Man

    I asked for some overall governance and advice in relation to this week and these cards and I got the Page of Wands.

    Any help or thoughts on what to take from this would be really helpful. It's brought out so much fear and second guessing in me that I can't think clearly.

    (and, fyi, it's monday and so far, no big change or transformation or ending has occurred),

    Thanks in advance!

  • @LastLight
    Monday - Death can also remind us to step into the darkness of silence to allow the transformation to take place .. it can also speak of resistance to change on some level , maybe it is asking if you are ready to make changes within your path in some way? It does not always have to be huge but can be quite subtle.

    Tuesday - 5 of Pentacles could speak of being led out of the cold, being able to help someone else out of some difficult situation ...
    Wednesday- 10 of Swords- things needing to be final in some way to allow for new opportunities

    Thursday- 5 of Swords could speak of feeling defeated, feeling like everything is a no win situation. Maybe an argument or a disagreement.

    Friday Knight of Cups - speaks of romance but could also speak of news coming , are you ready to listen to the news emotionally?

    Saturday 2 of Cups , could be a new level of a relationship, maybe needing to balance self receive as much as you are giving ...

    Sunday the Hanged man - look at what you have sacrificed of self, needing to look at things from a new perspective, new angle, look at all options .. could also be a day you are literally just hanging around for the day..

    Page of Wands - could speak about creativity, motivation, drive but yet not all the experience you need to achieve the results you desire,....

    Hope this helps .. what deck did you use?

  • @hekatesxing Thank you for looking at this! I used Rider Waite.

    That's interesting about Death and being in darkness. - it definitely resonates. I have been thinking about the relationship between 10 and 5 of swords: as the 10 comes before the 5 in my spread, I wondered if the 5 is actually indicating me taking back some of what's been taken away. Just doesn't seem a very cheerful method...

    Also interesting about the Knight of Cups suggesting news coming. Presumably, as it's cups, it would be news related to love/relationships (not necessarily my own, just affecting me?). In which case, 2 of cups throws me - if 2 of cups is about me, in the context of the other cards.

    Thanks so much for giving me some thoughts on these!

  • @LastLight Welcome

  • If you, and not the cards, are creating your future (if that is your perspective), then what about focusing more on what is good in your life? So that you can get more of it. (That's not too easy sometimes, I agree.)