My cancer friend

  • A cancer boy became friends with me he at first showed interest in me my family alll things and he was talking to me as if we were getting married always indirectly ...we meet only for 2 times
    On first me he made such a eye contact that I was only one and on second I didn't as the spark in him as first ......he started loosing intrest in me now he always cuts my calls and tells mehe was scared of attachment and we geeting close. ..................once I told him what willl you do if I replace you( it was not game I just wanted to check he loves me or not)
    He disappeared and when he appeared back he said what are we I said you tell then he told we are just friends then I told you were planning future with me what was that then he told he doesn't feel same now then again we meet everything was good then on rakshabandhan I sent a rakhi image wishing Happy rakshabandhan to him(means it's a thread sister tie to brothers) I tied a brothers thread to him to check his reaction weather he loves me or not but he disappeared from there and today 15 days over for it I called him 100 times texted 100 times said sorry buy not replying at allll what should I doooo please help iim not understanding anything 🥺

  • @Virgoland why called 100 times why texted 100 times? Call -text one time, if he wants to come he’ll come, if he doesn’t want this then don’t push anyone. You are the most valuable person but you act like you are worthless and need him no matter what. Remember your value!!!

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