Confusing Aquarius Man & A Tired Leo

  • Please, I need help. I have an ex who is an aquarius. We were together last year and due to some misunderstanding (no he didn't cheat on me), I broke up with him. I never knew the pain of breaking up with the one you love until I did it. What was worse was that before when we were together, he used to say he loved me so many times, and then after we broke up he said "I don't know if I love you or not." That's what hurts the most, especially coming from someone who told me that he didn't play with girl's hearts.

    However the weird thing that happened after we broke up was when I told him I had a new bf (it was a fling really...that guy wasn't really my bf, we just dated one another for fun both of us needing to move on from our previous love), and he said "Why are girls so cruel? She can say she loves a guy but then a few days later is with another guy." Feeling guilty it wasn't a week later that I decided that I wanted to have him back. And guess what happened?!? I find out he has a new gf!! Obviously, I exploded at him calling him a damn hypocrite. After a few days when I finally calmed down and asked him if he liked me still he said he liked me as a friend.

    Friend. That's what we 'sort of' became after our break up. But it was hard. There were times when he'd talk about this girl he'd met and yada, yada. And then when I deleted him from my facebook, he asked me why I did that. There was this one time where he said "I think even when I leave (he's not from around here. He's only here for his studies), I don't think I'll ever forget about you."

    Complicated!! It got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore and told him it was best that I walked out. He didn't get it at first. He tried talking to me, saying he remembered buying me the postcard from where he lives at. I didn't acknowledge him and after that day he got the least thats what I THOUGHT.

    Then, out of no where 3 months later, he im-ed me on msn. See, I deleted him from my contacts but didn't block him so he was still able to do that. Thanks to my weakness, I talked to him again.

    Now it's like he wants to be friends all over again! He emailed me on my birthday wishing me happy birthday (even though I deleted him from facebook so there was no WAY he'd know by birthday unless he remembered it), he wanted to see a recent photo of me, he's very kind and caring with me...whenever he senses something wrong with me, he'll ask me whats wrong and such...and when I said I had insomnia he asks me to go see a doctor. Once, he said he likes talking to me BUT there are times when he's SO infuriating!! He'd joke about how he wouldn't mind dating me and once when I suggested we hung out(yes I am an idiot), he said "But what IF something happened between us. You know, in general." What does that suppose to mean?

    I need help honestly. I want to be with him again so badly because even though we broke up last year, I still have feelings for him. I know a leo and an aquarius is a BAD combo but I can't help how I feel. What should I do??? Does he still like me? Please, I need help.



  • For goodness sakes there is no such thing as a bad combo, our sun signs do not completely charachterize us. We have moon signs and so on and so forth that tell a much larger picture than relying completely on our sun sign. has all the info you need to really learn about who you are, you will need the time of your birth for an accurate reading, but it is worth it.

    Now, on to your situation. You never mentioned how old either of you are, but you sound young. So here is my advise. Stop trying to control every level of your relationship with your ex. Trust in your faith in yourself to do he right thing and just allow it all to unfold. If you would just relax and allow life to run it's course the answers will be as plain as the noze on your face. All this, I deleted him there but he could still get to me there is silly. If you want a true meaningful relationship with ANY man, you must get rid of all this high school mentallity. Sit down and talk to this person one on one and don't hold anything back, tell him exactly what you want in a relationship and by the end of the conversation you will both know whether or not you belong together.

    I hope this helps...

  • if you are tired than take the time off him. come back when you are done analyzing your relationship and know how to deal with it. if you still love him I mean. if after this time off you realize he is not for you, then by all means break it up.

    I don't have a good experience with Aqua man but at the time we were both young not even 20 yet. I will be 35 next year and he would be 36. There was too many things going on and he just seemed vague about it all so I decided to drop it and moved on.

    He still called me within a few years later and tried to explain whatever but I didn't fall for it. At the time I was in the middle of looking for a job I really needed it so I didn't want any more drama than what I already had at home due to lack of money. He also didn't tell his friends that we broke up, maybe shame or who knows what. but I didn't want to be tangled in whatever play he was composing and it was a good move.

    Not sure what happened to him lately but I've met the man I wanted and married him for almost 9 yrs now. Very different from this Aqua, my hubby is a clear cut person, nothing vague or too much drama about him. I relocated and changed my phone #, emails etc so no contact with the past anymore for me.

    But I have seen this combo works, regular people and celeb like madonna and (forgot his name but jesu something). so really just take your time off him and do some analyzing. all it takes is honesty and patience, accepting what you have done and have not done. then you can come back when you are clear of what to do. in my case I knew he felt the same, but his friends and family probably didn't like me and as a social sign he probably was not the type that will fight for his love, where as I am all out for battle if necessary.

    Anyway, it's in the past now my feelings for him died long before I met my hubby. I am hoping you will find a clear solution soon.

  • sorry I meant stay friends, since you already broke up.

  • MMmm Leohearted...I don't know if you're still on this forum, but your story sounds eerily like mine...EXCEPT reverse. I'm the one who wan'ts to be friends and the Aquarius is literally behaving like you did with this Aqua. He won't even talk to me and we broke up months ago. Last I heard about him was that he was a few hours away working. Anyway I have to ask do you have anything Virgo in you by any chance? My Aquarius ex has a Virgo Moon which might be why he is not so much wanting to stay friends.

    I will say this. I am not a Leo but I do have my Sun Conjunct my Rising (in Cancer), and Sun in the 1st house with a Leo I will say that looking at it from your perspective I undestand that its to hard to deal with him as a friend. But perhaps that's the best way to deal. My Venus is in Taurus in the 11th house so I understand staying friends with exes...I do it all the time. But this Aqua genuinely cares for you as a person and friend regardless of any prior or future relationship he has with you, and you not staying friends with him probably makes him feel bad. And Aqua's don't want anyone mad at them so that's why he is trying to fix things with you...he wants your friendship. Plus a general consensus I see is that Aquas tend to want to stay friends or on friendly terms with exes. They usually don't hold the past against you, unless of course you broke their heart or screwed them up in anyway...but if you didn't or you had an ok breakup and time passed then eventually you can be friends. I say stay friends with him, at the worst you won't get back together but who knows maybe one day you will. So don't discount a friend.

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