Is he lying to me?

  • Hi there ,

    I hope all is well ...

    I would like some insight please...

    I have been on a couple of dates with a lovely man - birthday is 23 March 1984 and my birthday is 14 October 1986.

    He lives alone and recently told me that he is also divorced ( he took a while to tell me this and I had to ask. 2 weeks plus later he tells me.)

    I have met his parents on video call and I have a feeling he wants to make a commitment to me in the near future..

    However I found a ceramic mug in his cupboard when I went to make a drink for myself that says ‘best dad ever’. He also slipped up saying that he had to go to the family lawyer to sort things out with her in the past. He then realised what he said , so he corrected himself and said ‘lawyer’.

    I’m feeling the child could be older as I have not seen any children’s toys in the apartment . The only thing I have seen is a PlayStation that he plays with his guy friends...

    Please what do you pick up?

    Please tell me what you pick up in regards to everything.

    Thank you 😊

  • This all seems to be a bit of a rush - why did you meet his parents after only two dates, for example? You had better be very wary here. This guy is deliberately rushing you so you have no time to wonder what his life is really like. He is concealing things from you.

  • @TheCaptain just met them on video call... yes I am wary now. I have met his friends. I don’t feel he is hiding me , but I feel he is hiding something from me...

    Do you pick up a child from the past relationship?

    What do you feel he is hiding please ?

  • I feel this guy has a pattern, rushing women into a relationship having a child, then getting cold feet. I feel he has done this more than once.

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