Western or Vedic??

  • Girl having an existential crisis here.
    If Vedic is the way to go, I might not be a dowdy Capricorn. I might be an outta control Sagirawrius- [the one I refuse to learn how to spell because it is a ridiculous word!] lol

    Questions 1: Which is getting you more accurate readings,
    Questions 2: Which house system is working out for your: the usual/default/Placidus system or the whole house system?

    Is anyone else going through this?

  • I haven't really tried Vedic yet but Whole sign is way more limiting and far less accurate for me than Placidus or Prophyry. In Placidus and Prophyry I have 2 interceptions of houses and 4 interceptions of planets. But to fix those I just use the planet rulerships instead of the intercepted sign which serves me far more. I use the ruler ship of the houses itself for those 2 houses too which serves me quite well. Also My 2 other signs that are doubled up in Placidus serve me quite well too.
    In Whole sign I don't get the doubled scorpio and taurus which is very helpful for me.
    Capricorn only serves me with Saturn's rulerships and is worthless in my 2nd house and does not describe who I am with the moon or Jupiter. Cancer most definitely does not describe my Venus which whole sign would say I am but is obviously wrong.

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