Rain fear. calling for Blmoon or Thecaptain or anyone else who knows

  • Hey guys its been awhile i use to come to this comunity alot but i havent been here for a year, or so. but iv got this rain phobia right now and i could really use some insight as to weather im going to get through it or not, im quite scared of my situation now im left terrified of the rain and it feels like no ones helping me im in the dark, i have a few phobias going on at the moment, but id just quite like some clarit.y. even if its a paragraph or so.

    Im not sure if iti will be enough to get me outside because iv been very scared of that, but id like to have some advice.
    im struggling this fear of rain has been giving me nightmares.
    No one seems to want to help change it i feel totally alone with my fears. iv never been this ill before either, so i could really use some insights. everything feels so lost dark and miserable.
    Thanks Blessings Bee/rebekkah.

  • It's no wonder you feel afraid with all that is going on in the world and the climate changes. I feel your phobia has been triggered by something that happened to you in the distant past in another lifetime when you drowned in a flood or body of water. Does the thought of swimming scare you or just being out in the rain? You know the only way to beat a phobia is to face it and do it. Try standing out in the rain for just a few minutes, then gradually increase the time. Once you see nothing bad happens, your fear will disappear.

  • TheCaptain. Thanks, yes it could be possible that something bad happened to me in rain in the past and this rain fear has happened once before 2 years ago, but it also happening again a year ago roughly. so im dealing with it from that time to. im struggling with this fear quite badly, i just want to go outside more and be in nature again as i spent 5 months inside i only got free two weeks ago for 2 days and that was by chance./luck with my mum and my friend.
    i just wish this fear would go away for good one day i had a bad experience with a tropical storm and more storms have been happening, i can feel the weather is in chaos and illnesses are quite common. im afraid for my future because im being stalked by police too. so much bad negative energy heavy around me, wish i could just find my true power and use it for good..

  • @rebeccaann you will not free up your power until you free yourself from every fear. So you must overcome these phobias and the only way is to retrain yourself. You have to go out into the rain repeatedly in order to show your brain it has nothing to fear. Secrets and fears only grow in the dark which is why they must be brought into the light.

  • Thecaptain, i thought someone tried to save me from the rain fear but im wondering if i was wrong. know they want me to manage it by myself? well i wont be forgiving them very easily if i have to do it on my own i wont be loving the people that tried to save me anymore. because thats not how love works to me, if no one saved me then i will save my self and let go of the love that i thought saved me but clearly didnt.

    i had a strange experience i think i need to let it go and move on. i have to many fears to deal with in one go, im not sure i can do it on my own.
    iv been looking for help but no help has been helpful enough and im really feeling that love is non existant now..
    do you think i can at least beat this rain fear if i do it myself i have to do everything myself anyway,, most of the time. I feel very depressed about this situation. my senses are out of wack and so is everything else. i just need some clarity and insight to love and to my situation with fear.

  • @rebeccaann, no one can help anyone with their fears. It is up to us to beat them ourselves and we are really the only ones who can do it. Other people may lend us love and support but it is entirely down to us to conquer our own fears. We can work through them. After all, we created them. So we can destroy them too.

  • Thecaptain.

    Yes i guess your right about that. i just want to feel that ill survive the rain, and i miss getting wet anyway.
    i want to forgive the stars for what theyre doing but its quite hard right now, i also get bored sometimes to and i like socialising alot an knocking on peoples doors here i think they dont like it though.
    i feel like people dont like me here where i live anymore.

    i want to know do you think i can get passed this boredom and this trauma with police and my trauma with rain. id like your opinion, because i feel thats why i do knock on doors because im lonely and scared. its hard times where living in isnt it. i also find myself checking tarot alot to. just seeking answers for my troubles.

    i thought these stars saved me but im not sure now id like to believe it though because i quite like them but their troubled at the moment, i was told i could find love by a psychic by 6-9 weeks but i havent been given that much time.
    i just hope i can find love for myself. im really stuck with my fears right now and the past is always calling me. thanks captain your view is much appreciated.

  • @rebeccaann of course, you can get past this trauma and fear. But you need supportive friends - why not go around putting up posters advertising a new club you are creating for people who have your type of interests or hobbies eg. writing club, reading club, tarot club, phobias club etc. You could meet a local café or park.

  • Hi thecaptain

    That's a good idea
    I might consider that I'm part of a inner space group for meditation we meet three to two nights a week online.
    That's helped some what. With the lonliness.
    These traumas have really ruined my life.
    I just feel like I get worse and worse every day but need a really big positive upliftment to shake me outside again.
    Something to make me believe that outside is safe and not scary anymore. Since the virus hit I got the message that outside wasnt safe.

    So know I'm scared of outside world and inside is safe and warm usually.
    I just wish I could find my freedom again and hope I can do it one day.
    Your intuition is usually great the captain it is sorry. I'm.still waiting for these stars but I know I should be more independent to.
    I'm patient I know I am. So much fear has been placed on me and someone said I have heavy energy to shift but I wonder if I can do it. Blessings to you captain
    You do see the positive side of life like I wish I can in these dark times.
    Lonliness is something I struggle alot with.

  • Also thecaptain do you see me with anyone this year or next year. i havent found love yet and im running out of time a psychic told me i might meet someone next year which is along wait.
    what do you see about that captain. im curious about my future with love and weather it can happen anytime soon ? i havent had love for like 4 years properly now and wonder if it will ever find me.
    thanks for the help so far anyway Bee.

  • @rebeccaann you realize that it's probably not actual rain that is making you afraid, but something much deeper like your fear of the outside world. Which in turn means you do not believe in a protective God or you do not feel you are worthy of protection. Or is a fear of rejection by the people 'outside'. Sometimes what we think we fear is not really what we fear at all. We need to get to the real fear in order to face it and turn it around.

  • thecaptain i guess its hard right nowim studying so much and doing these online courses trying to stay in the green as i have a red amber and green system we sorted out with cbt iv got 6 illnesses at the moment im dealing with, i just like toknow if ill find love ever at all to do you see me with someone theirs this man called adam who i quite like but not sure why he isnt talking to me much at the moment, im waiting and waiting for him but still nothing he has my email to, i guess i just dont want to miss this oppertunity of working with him hes from australia and i signed up for one of his courses which is a nature course, which was like 200 pounds. i just feel really close to him in spirit but physically nothings happening, whats your thoughts on this.
    tjhanks for your help so far i guess im just really lost in love to and wondering will it help me outside will it find me. thanks.

  • @rebeccaann if you don't conquer your fear of the outside world, you will never find the love that is waiting for you.

  • i guess so but i wonder if thats true though because i had oppertunities within the house but i didnt take them i wonder why? i guess it just wasnt meant to be but i got asked out by a man in the house named dechanel, but i felt like it wouldnt work well with others who are as sick as me to.
    Im just abit fed up of the love that i never seem to find even if i do go out though. it doesnt matter if i do go out because finding that love seems hard right now, as even when i did it never seemed to turn up for me either.
    maybe some people are lucky in love and some people arent, i guess i just thought it be nice to see some change for a change you know? that was for me staying inside to a few people have had eyes on me in this house but it never turned into anything real emotionally so its not impossible just hidden.

  • @TheCaptain i live in a house with mental health people they suffer with depression and anxiety i wonder if its about self worth and self love. i guess i just have to be patient right ? i wonder if its about patients to.
    anyway i do appreciate your insights so far, i guess ill just have to see what happens with life it can be suprising and scarey. staff arent helping me much with the rain fear here and i feel like im alone in this , but i do appreciate your help so far.
    your insights have been helpful but my brain is just got fear in my mind. fear and stress and i think thats off putting to some people to, i also talk to myself alot and that can also be off putting iv also had 4 years of therapy and that hasnt shifted my pain or my phobias seem to be getting worse not better. so i dunno. life is hard.

  • you can also meet people online too which is why i asked i guess...
    if theyre willing to help you and actually talk to you and give you advise iv almost met a few people online, i got close to a few people, but it never really worked, i quite liked this man todd for awhile but hes with someone now.
    and hes just a friend. then their was brett to but he got married and had children so i had misseed oppertunities it always seems that way. Love can find us in the most unusual places.

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