How would you interpret these cards ?

  • Hello everyone, first of all its so nice to be here. Today I pulled some cards for someone I’m seeing. We are currently talking and and I feel like I have a crush on him. But I’m not %100 sure he is romanticaly interested in me or not. So I ask “How is he feeling about me ?” and I got the queen of wands and three of wands. How would you interpret these cards ? By the way, before this reading couple of days ago I ask the same question and I got the moon, the world and the hieropanth. And I didn’t know how should I interpret these cards to. I hope I can get help for both of these interpretions. Thank you so so much.♥

  • @naturespirit
    Which deck did you use? (did you use a specific positional layout, spread? )

    What were your initial thoughts when looking at the cards?

    Let's begin with The Moon, The World and The Hierophant
    Walking through emotional cycles as they move into new unknown possibilities on a traditional viewpoint ... so maybe he feels as though because he looks at things in a traditional way and it feels unknown he is feeling emotional on some level about you ...

    Queen of Wands and Three of Wands ..
    He sees you as a passionate person who is nurturing and yet looking ahead at your goals ....

    These are one layer of the cards ... Without being in that moment and seeing the card overview layout it can be difficult to get a true feeling for the cards .. but hope this gives you some things to think about ...
    When you look at the cards, see the cards tell you a story .. what are similarities between cards and differences? What are the characters doing? What colours seem important? What else seems important in that moment?
    take care

  • @hekatesxing I use the Etheral Visions Tarot Deck. Usually I pick a card intentionally. What I mean by that is I go with the flow when I’m picking a card.

    When I first see the moon, I got the feeling that he is unsure about his feelings towards me. But with the world and hieropanth I felt that he would be in clarity soon.

    But when I pull the queen of wands and three of wands I didn’t felt anything. And I find it strange because usually I sense energy so quickly.

    What’s interesting is the day I pulled the moon card I also do a reading and pulled some cards by asking “How is he seeing / viewing me ?” And I got the empress, 7 of swords, and I pulled a clarify card for 7 of swords and I got the emperor. I also pulled 2 more cards but I don’t remember them. And that day I sense that from outside he sees me as someone kind, more with the feminine energy, and graceful. More like a empress. But with the seven of swords and the emperor he thinks that I’m not what it seems from outside, and he also thinks that I am a hard and authoritien person like emperor. Anyway, 1 hour ago we talked and he confess me something. Couple days ago I made a joke about something and before I do that I told him that it was a joke. But he said that when I made that joke he saw me as someones who is can be cruicial, dominant and passive agressive. ( Like emperor. ) When I heard that I literally felt like the 3 of swords. My heart really hurts. ( It still hurts ) because I did not say this joke with this intention. I apologize him about that and I said that if something I said made him uncomfortable he can tell me. I still feel sad about that conversation. But I also gain clarity because that day I couldn’t understand why he see me as emperor. Now I understand 😞

  • Queen of wands - helpful, nice girl. Three of wands, looking forward to something, maybe hoping this will win him over. Try a queen of fire card. She gets knows what she what she wants she gets it.

  • @naturespirit
    Sounds like you got clarity about your reading ..
    I think it is about trusting yourself and your instant thoughts ..
    take care ...

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