Virgo Male with Scorpio/Sagittarius Female

  • This is going to be hard to condense but i will try. I have been with her now for 12 years, we were married for 9 1/2 yrs and have been divorced for 18 months. This summer we were going to try to get back together but after I got rid of everything and moved back in a month later she changed her mind. I tried to leave town to give us time and space to figure things out but every time something happened which brought me back to her house. She has been seeing someone for the last year but we also have never been out of contact. Through this whole tragedy our communication has improved 10 fold and she is my best friend and the love of my life. She says she still loves me and also wants to keep learning about love, communication and her spiritual side with me. Now this weekend she went away with him but she made it a point to leave me a VM about mixed feelings about the trip and that she will miss me. Then I found a card that she left me that she altered that said "We are going to be okay, that we will come through this in the not to distant future and will be stronger, how does she know this, because she knows us". That is an overall of the card and I was in tears when I read it. I truly believe that our souls were meant to travel this lifetime together and also in a reply to a note I left her she left this answer..Don't give up on me! Be patient, fight. Many people think I am crazy for sticking around for the last 18 months but I have evolved and grown so much in so many ways and I also believe in her and "US" so much in my heart. She was born on the cusp (11/22) Am I crazy for doing this or is the heart the true way?

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