Ancestral Connection 2nd Opinion

    1. a message from your ancestors
      7 of swords
      see here I was a bit confused because does this mean I'm being deceitful and cunning or is someone in my life being deceitful and cunning. To clear the air I asked "who?", and I got Judgement, does this mean to use my judgement to determine who is being deceitful because if so, I honestly have no clue?

    2. A person, memory, or past event to guide you
      The world
      Everything that I went through in the past will now pay off, I have the world at my feet.

    3. An action you can take to commemorate you ancestors
      4 of cups
      Stop musing about change, and really think about why you're not happy and what you really want to challenge, or, if I really want things to change. Examine my motives and wants, and take a good look at what I've got. count my blessings and see if things are really as bad as I imagine.

    4. An action you can take to follow their guidance in this matter
      7 of wands
      Stand my ground. Initiate change, even if others resist?

    I don't know, I'm really new to this and I tried to research each card thoroughly, so if you guys have any second opinions you are more than welcome to help me interpret this and help me make sense of this reading! I also used the raider-waite deck

  • @ruby2003

    7 of Swords as a Message from your Ancestors could speak about being empowered, taking back what you feel has been taken from you... maybe it is time for you to be a little cunning and maybe time to be silent in your actions ... Judgement can speak of resurrection.. a Spiritual awakening... Blowing one's own trumpet (So to speak ) act with discernment ...

    The World - can speak of achievements, moving through new cycles, leaving behind the past to move through into new possibilities.

    4 of Cups
    Asks that you see the bigger picture.. notice what is happening around you ... no longer feel sorry for self ...

    7 of Wands
    Yes Stand your ground, stand up for yourself, trust in your convictions... try to bring about change even if others resist it ...

    Overall I thought your meanings were really good .. my thoughts are extra ramblings that may help on some level .. Take care ...

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