Why do I have trouble making and Keeping Friends reading requests for Captain

  • So all my life I had Trouble making and Keeping Friends like I would meet someone and it would look like it would become a promising friendships but then would stop hanging out with me for no reason often people fail to make plans with me I have a really bad social life I know this isn't my fault I'm on the autism spectrum and I'm antisocial anyway could you give me answers on why people don't want to hang out with me thanks February 16 1996

  • There is no fault or blame here, just what is. You make the wrong choices in friends. You must learn to really read people using your intuition before getting into a relationship. It is particularly important that you become more conscious of your feelings and reactions when you meet someone new. How do you feel about them? What reactions is your body having to them - does your stomach feel queasy or full of butterflies, do you feel uneasy or relaxed around the person? This is how you will tell a good person from a bad one - by attending to your own reactions rather than just rushing in because you want a friend.

  • @TheCaptain I believe some of them people didn't like me from start so they just pretend to like me there's something about me that just makes people's true colors come out

  • @scotty667 that is your superpower.

  • @TheCaptain I knew it !

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