Death and Tower - They keep showing up

  • So for a couple of weeks, in every general reading I do for myself, the Death and the Tower keep showing up - sometimes either one of them, sometimes both, and sometimes reversed. I can't seem to decide what they are about and whether the change is negative or positive. I find reading tarot for myself a bit more challenging than reading for others. Can anyone please help?

  • @Romagri What was your question you were asking yourself when you pulled these cards? To me these cards could be interpreted as warnings as in if you have been pulling them on yourself for a few weeks--it could be you are going to be going through major transformations somewhere in your life ...for one to start a new life, one must face the underlying problem and then prepare for depends on your intuition, maybe you could pull a few more cards to clarify these cards, I like to draw oracle cards with messages to get a clearer understanding so its a little more obvious.

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