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  • Hello guys,

    Yesterday I used a three-card Tarot spread to do a reading. I wanted to know if I would be in a romantic relationship in this coming six months.

    1.) 8 of Pentacles
    2.) Knight of Swords
    3.) 6 of Wands

    I am new to Tarot and looking for good interpretation guidance.

    Have a great day!

  • @Shirleyll
    Which deck did you use?
    8 of Pentacles - can speak of completing a task
    Knight of Swords- rushing into something without a plan
    6 of Wands can speak of victory after some battles, conflicts ...
    so overall this spread could be telling you, that you need to finish something before rushing into something without a plan .. there may be success, victory after you may have dealt with some challenges..... SO yes you could have a successful romantic relationship after some challenges , just need to make sure you finish what is of value to you from the past.. a sense of needing to end something before you rush into something new ...

  • @hekatesxing thanks so much , i am using Golden Art Nouveau Tarot

  • @Shirleyll
    Oh OK imagery is similar to RWS .( I do not actually have the deck) .. when you look at the cards .. what are the similarities and the differences ? When you look at the Knight of Swords and 6 of Wands you see someone on the horse .. so we see movement , we see a sense of power from within , What else does horses mean to you? What else do these cards have in them that stands out when you think about the question?

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