Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • Hello virgogirl64,

    you are truly disappointed. You are accusing yourself thinking you have to change yourself. You cannot see the love and the caring, which is there. Now you are neither in harmony with yourself nor with the rest of the world.

    There is no future for you both, but you are not yet done.

  • monyna,

    the mind has the tendency to think in polarities. Either or, black or white, contact or withdrawal. Only the heart can live with opposites and stay in balance. Come our of your mind which is to extreme, and learn to live in the middle. No more this "either this or that", but this as well as that.

  • lovinmylife,

    yes I see, you are right. Do not worry, go for that what you think is right!

    In friendship


  • Thank you h-w, so true, I am an intellectual to an extreme, like most virgos.... If I may ask one last favor, of late I I seem to perceive that all is not well with his life, and I believe he is currently having problems with his home life and emotions. Could you please confirm this and is there anything I should do?

    Thank you for your help and kindness. In a world like ours, to be able to find someone willing to just give time and help, is very rare....


  • littlemoon1,

    your problem with your hubby will never disolve, although he loves you. There is no chance of improvement, but your life will not be like this for ever.

    You are trying to help effectively. You decide what is good for anyone. You do not feel your own wishes.

  • monyna,

    no, I cannot confirm this. He may be stressed, but there is nothing you should do.

    It would be better for you to defend your personal space and not to react to all the expectations, real or imagined, that are directed to you.

  • sweetyyy37,

    in your marriage there will be movement. You will be the boss, convinced by yourself.

    In school there is not that much movement, a time for reflections. You will try to change the minds of others in every aspect. But do you really seek for an answer and are you really interested in truth?

    Your best moves in life would be now moves to your heart, being more friendly, being more positive. Do not just project your feelings on others. Learn to know yourself, your inner self. It is not important to be the best, to have the best car, the biggest house, to have the best appearance, the best sex. Friendship, real heartfelt friendship, is now that what counts.

  • RaeofSunshyne,

    on your personal path you should be more receptive. Gifts are waiting for you, if you are ready to receive. Be open and say yes to life.

    On your career path you are anxious about the unknown, holding on to known well-trodden paths, thinking that security is most important. But trust your feelings and go into the unknown territory. Mind always seeks the known, but your future is calling you.

    You seem to be ready to move on concerning your relationship. Go your way, alone or together, but move on, following your energy.

  • Hw, thanks. I am coming off abrasive, its not your fault. You are sweet for generously giving of your time and energy. i am sure this will come back to you. Take care of yourself too. I am going to take some time to lick my wounds and start fresh. Best wishes. Hugs.

    Love in my life.

  • My major tarot card is The Hermit, plus the first stage of my life is a 9. Your reading is very accurate. I will keep my ears and eyes open! Thanks again for all your help!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I apologize I must correct myself , my life path is a 9 and my first pintacle is a 5, that would make more sense.

  • I've liked my friend Chris since I was 15.We hadn't seen each other in 20 yrs then I saw him back in February/March and we started to chat with each other explicitly then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me.

    My questions are will I talk to or see Chris ever again??

    Is he single??

    Will Chris and I ever be together??

    What are his feelings for me??

    His birth date 25/1/1974

    Mine 15/5/1974 9.50 am Liverpool Australia

  • Help, in a relationship with an Aries 3/23/53 he seems to care nd other times he seems so far away. Do I continue on with him or move on without him. I feel like we really care for one another, I just don't like the inconsitency. I am an Aquarius 2/5/62

    Hi, I sent this on Sunday at 10:59 and have gotten no response, realize that you are real busy, Will you be able to send something soon? Thank you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you H-W your words give me strength and peace,

    bless you for taking the time to give so many of us your time .

  • Hello Mr. Hanswolfgang

    Would you please do a reading for me please.

    I have an important decision to make in my life and i need to know which path is the best.

    I wanna go to college but im not sure where to. I wanna study here in Nevada but I feel that i will have more chances out in another country. I dont wanna leave cuz i love this place but everybody is telling me that my future is other there. What should i do? I need an advice plz.

    Oh would you include a love life reading as well please. My love life is so messed up!


  • lovinmylife,

    something will change that affects the way you live or the things that you do each day.

    This brings with it a certain amount of restlessness and the desire for changes or travel. It can result in a dissatisfaction with the way your life has been that motivates you to want new things, lifestyles, and experiences.

  • quenkath,

    every school, every college and university teaches you how to be more 'heady', how to be more 'headful'. And those who are headful, they are successful and then they have the keys to enter into this world. But a man with heart will be a failure, because he cannot exploit. He will be so loving that he cannot exploit. He will be so loving that he cannot be a miser, an accumulator. He will be so loving that he will go and share, and whatsoever he has he will give, rather than snatching things from people. He will be a failure. And he will be so true that he cannot deceive you. He will be sincere and honest, authentic; but then he will be a stranger in this world where only cunning people can succeed. That is why every parent takes care that before the child moves into the world the heart of the child should become blind, completely closed. You cannot pray, you cannot love. Can you? Can you pray? You can pray -- go into a church on Sunday: people are praying, but everything is false, even their prayer comes from their heads. They have learned it, it is not from the heart. Their hearts are empty, dead, they don't feel a thing. People 'love', they get married and children are born to them -- not out of love. Everything is out of calculation, everything is out of arithmetic. You are afraid of love, because no one knows where love will lead you. No one knows the ways of the heart, they are mysterious. There are no roads, no road signs; you have to find the path yourself. With the heart you are individual, solitary; with the head you are part of the society. The head has been trained by the society, it is part of the society. With the heart you become a solitary, an outsider. So every society takes care to kill the heart.

  • MsScorp,

    I recommend you the book "The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose" (1995). (ISBN 0-915811-60-X) from Dan Millman. Having the lifepath 9 myself, I learned much from it.

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