Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • Dear friend patricia1970libra,

    thank you.

    Everything is only a perhaps, because everything is relative. Nothing can be said absolutely, certainly, categorically. It depends, and one thing can be seen from many standpoints.

  • Hi lf245706

    Do I celebrate the holidays this time of year? No, I celebrate each day, so I need no holidays.

    What do I sense from this situation and what are his intentions? He wants a clarification, he seeks clarity.

    How could this potentially affect your current relationship with this new man? You could only refer on that what is visible and material.

    'Change of mind and plans' is the basic message. However, it can mean change in residence or travel opportunities. It can also mean a restlessness that brings up a desire to explore new realms, at least on the mental level.

    It may be a signal for a change in your life. You will likely feel a dissatisfaction with things as they are and want to progress into new areas. Be open to new plans, new ideas, new places to go, etc. The only negative side is an unwillingness to commit yourself to any particular belief or philosophy.

    Repression is to live a life that you were not meant to live. Repression is to do things which you never wanted to do. Repression is to be the fellow that you are not. Repression is a way to destroy yourself. Repression is suicide—very slow of course, but a very certain, slow poisoning.

  • Dear Hans-Wolfgang, you my friend and a happy Midwinter also. Here is a link to somewhere near where I grew up, don't know how long link will last. I feel for you my friend and thank you so much for all your dedication. x

  • Hmm.............that didn't work too well anyway its newgrange in ireland. You know the quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket? x

  • Dear Hans Wolfgang,

    I feel so close to someone I work with, it is impossible as a relationship if once I start to think about it but I just feel it- it is more like he had something from me and hides it somewhere deep inside of him. Actually it is more like he has something to hide from everyone and he allowed me to be closer to him so now I can feel the connection. I'd like to get your view about this situation and if there is anything going to happen between me and him that you can see.

  • Dear azure2

    many thanks for your kindness. What a pity that the video does not work anymore. But I know Newgrange from television. It is marvellous, it is much more, as science thinks of, much more.

    Nothing in the world is more sacred than tears of love and joy. Such tears, so pure, are not of this world. Though part of the body, they express something which is not.

  • Dear reugh,

    my view about this situation: You are generating power for the fulfillment of your wishes, which have nothing to do with your very being. It is the force of illusion. It is action without meditation. It is no orderly and stable force.

    and is there anything going to happen between you and him that I can see? No.

    You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

    This time there is suspicion, but not so much; there is a certain trust arising.

  • Thank you very much! I'd want to know what you meant with 'which have nothing to do with your very being' and also 'This time there is suspicion, but not so much; there is a certain trust arising'. Thanks again.

  • what I meant with 'which have nothing to do with your very being': Your will power is speeding for your wishes leaving you far behind.

    and also 'This time there is suspicion, but not so much; there is a certain trust arising': It is now time for you to go on your way. Be a light unto yourself. Do not seek for what you want, seek for the next step on your way.

    Nothing has changed by now, because of your suspicion. Trust your trust.

  • Hans, I am in a bad spot here concerning my friend. Clarity flew out the window today, trust apparently flew out the window as well, jealousy rears it's ugly head. I am trying to stand firm in simply trusting myself, but I am weak and I feel compelled to respond to what is going on with him. Can you tell me something about what is causing all of this? I almost feel like he's going to give up here and for no valid reason other than what he's creating in his own mind. This is where I keep wanting to impose myself and explain what the real situation is, but at the same time I know that's stupid because he has to figure out what the real situation is himself and quit feeding his mind with unfounded speculation. I can talk all I want but that won't change anything.

    Anyway, when you've given me insight on my friend's mindset in the past, you have always been on track. It would help me to have some sense of what's going on here. Is this really about me or is it him wrestling with some deeper personal demons? He asked me to "give him some space", which is what I am struggling to do here (my compulsion to want to have understanding, and get rid of this confusion quickly). When I got offended he said, "this is not about you directly". It certainly feels about me directly, I'm the one who is being slighted and mistrusted, but I suppose I can understand as well how, in his situtation, I am ultimately an offshoot of much deeper personal issues for him.

    Thanks in advance Hans, you are my Christmas angel!

  • Thank you very much. It is now clear enough to understand....

  • Hans, I love what you said about not going back, this is a VERY emotionally healthy thing to do and you said it exceptionally well.

    Thank you and MANY MANY BLESSINGS!

  • And I know I am being too much but could I also ask if you see me in a relationship with anyone soon or later? I know I asked too many questions but thanks for answering.

  • Thank you MystoBlueStars

    why she is refusing to listen to anything you are saying and so set out to make you feel so bad about things you never said or done: because she is withdrawing in herself and does no more neither absorb any light nor radiate any light.

    Is it you? No.

    Are you the bigger problem here? Yes.

    Or is she really the person that is being more narrow minded and ignorant? No.

    It is a question not to be decided by the mind but something to be felt.

  • Jenever7,

    can I tell you something about what is causing all of this? He wants to move somewhere else, but he wants you to make responsible for that.

    what's going on here: nothing much, it is more waiting in the offside.

    This is neither really about you nor is it him wrestling with some deeper personal demons.

    We go on missing the point and we go on thinking of something else which was not the case; this is how the foolish mind functions. Enjoy the moment, and whatsoever the moment makes available to you, be enriched by.

    The more you watch, the more your eyes become capable of seeing, become more perceptive, the more you see and deeper you can move, amd the more distance is created between you and whatsoever you do. Distance helps because without distance there can be no perception. How can you see a thing which is too close? If you are standing too close to a mirror, you cannot see your reflection. If your eyes are touching the mirror, how can you see? A distance is needed -- and nothing can give you a distance except witnessing. You try it and see.

  • Angelikah,

    a person who is continuously thinking whether there is any risk or not becomes so self-conscious that he never lives. He becomes rigid and dull and stupid—mediocre: forget all about risks. Life is a risk. The day you were born, one thing became certain: that you are going to die. Now what more risk can there be?

  • reugh,

    I do not see you in a relationship with anyone soon or later.

    You did not ask too many questions, if it would really too many, I would not answer them, so love yourself and your questions.

    You are walking and suddenly it starts raining. Now, you can make a problem out of it or you can enjoy it. Both are dependent on your attitude.

  • So when you say he wants to move somewhere else are you saying that he wants to let go of our relationship? Or he wants the relationship to take a different form? Or he wants me to lead it to something different? Really, based on what you're saying it's more like he doesn't want to go anywhere, so why does he introduce such pointless "drama". Why not just say, this is where we are right now? I asked him outright if he wanted me to leave him alone and his answer was, "I don't know". He says he is dealing with other issues that have nothing to do with me. As I said, it was easy to think that he was caught up in deeper personal issues because there always seem to be so many (or he creates so many for himself). This is his excuse for "taking out his anger on me" (not in a violent sense, in an alienating sense), that it was "misdirected anger not meant for me". But his anger was in fact, jealous anger. Very much about me and his perception that I had other interests. Now we have a 180-degree turn-around. A few days ago things were great, today he's got walls up. Mind you this is a man who has a wife hanging around so this "jealousy" is very amusing. Hell, he has so many layers of conflict going on it's a wonder he can stand himself. I read your post about "repression" and found it very fitting for my friend.

    So on that note, I want to try your suggestion, but I'm not sure I'm getting it. Are we talking literal, physical space or are we talking maintaining my mental/emotional space? Is this witnessing, as in stepping away from the ego, or literally staying out of the same room with him? (I hear you laughing Hans, "yes", I recognize that either one would be an improvement in gettine ME in a better place, lol.) Why do I invest so much in him when so much of what goes on is not worthy of any effort on my part...that is what I need to identify and correct. And I suppose as long as you hang out on this thread Hans, I'm going to keep making you get stuck with helping find that answer. haha! But really, I think that early in our relationship my friend actually seemed to be seeking a "door" to finding himself a new path, he intensly wanted change, but somewhere in it all has stalled - something holds him back or I sometimes think I actually did slow him down long enough for him to reflect on his present circumstances. Probably why I grow so anxious and weary with him at the same time. We can never settle in a peaceful place together as long as he is swirling in his confusion. Or is he confused? Whenever I talk to you Hans, you blow up all my assumptions. Maybe I'm dead wrong on that point as well!

  • Thank you very much again! I had learnt something very important about the person I mentioned earlier so now I reckon I can clearly see what you implied.

    If you don't mind I would also need your guidance about something more important to me.I want to live in certain country wich is in my mind or at least travel around and it all depends on my career. So do you see something about it? Thank you again. I'd also love to share and do similar to what you do if I could.

  • I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.I have written to you on several occassions and you have answered. I thought I was understanding what was going on but I must have missed something. Can you help me understand? I was in a relationship for 4 years Him 3-23-53, me 2-5-62 and I can't seem to understand why I am now on the other side yet again, he has moved into the other house to he says "get it together" he is a cancer survior, (they think it may have returned, won't know until the other test are done). He is so moody and If I mention something he won't do it because I thought of it. He is so stubborn and I am as well, but I do what is right for the betterment of the relationship. I have been there with him through so much him almost losing his rental(s) and the home in which we stayed until yesterday. I have always done my fair share of bill paying even though I lost my job. I cook, clean and take care of him when he isn't doing so hot, so why is he separating himself from the realtionship? I think because he wants to be old and alone he pushes me away. I am hurting and I am tired of hurting for no reason. This year has been very trying for me, lost my job, and having to deal with just everything; it has made me just a bag of tears and I am normally not that way. What do you see, what is happening to me and why? I go to church, I pray all the time, I try to do right by folks as much as I can, it just seems that I am the one who always hurts or takes the blame. Can you really tell me how to begin getting back up. I am really so tired and frustrated and disgusted, well you know the story...Thanks for helping if you can. I like the honest approach you give.

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