Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • This is some what clearer; I think I understand what I may have been missing. Thanks I will keep in touch with you.

  • Jenever7,

    you asked the question wrong right from the start.

    I certainly know what you mean Jenever, but this does not make sense.

    No one is going to find clarity by forging ahead, but only by clearing up where you are right now.

    Stand, right where you are!

    There is no difference between spirituality and normal life:

    Unless you love life you will not be able to love God either. If he is the creator you have to love his creation to love him. To hate his creation and to show love to the creator is absurd. To condemn the creation and to praise the creator is utterly stupid, illogical, unintelligent. If you love the music, only then do you love the musician, or vice versa. And this existence is so beautiful!

  • free4now,

    once you start thinking that they are you possessions, you have reduced them into things, because only things can be possessed, not human beings. It is the ugliest act you can do. And those poor children are so helpless, so dependent on you, they cannot rebel. They accept whatever your idea is. And to protect your possessiveness you make them Christians the moment they are born. You make them Hindus, you make them Mohammedans, you make them Buddhists, you make them Jews -- you can´t wait! And can´t you see the absolute absurdity of it?

  • Hello Hans,

    I'm new to this forum, its a very good one. Am wondering how things look for me over the next year? New relationship coming? A career change? Travelling more? Will my relationship with my daughters get better?

  • How things look for you over the next year? Better, existence is willing to make you presents if you are willing to take them.

    New relationship coming? No.

    A career change? No.

    Travelling more? No.

    Will your relationship with your daughters get better? No.

    Whenever you feel a problem, look within your heart. If you are at ease, you are on the right path. Your heart is the criterion.

  • dearest hans

    you are absolutely right about my mother she never stays at the same job and i have had 3 stepfathers-- she is single now but that is a long story-- i don't think she will change anytime soon

    i guess i have let go of love for now as in both of those relationships (my mom and the guy)because when i leave my heart open to them they take me for granted and feel i will be there no matter what they do/ say but it becomes too painful because they take the love and don't feel they need to give it back in return (they are both very selfish and their main focus is their on own well being) kinda like a self preservation thing as they both have been hurt by their mothers

    i don't know how to reach them because they don't believe they are doing anything wrong-- so i wind up withdrawing from them just so i can feel whole-- i have been trying to win my mother's love my whole life and finally realizing i was in a relationship with someone who is just like my mom woke me up to the fact that i do not want to continue to do this with the man in my life-- he keeps coming back so i assume there is something i am supposed to learn from this relationship but i am still unsure what it is-- as of yesterday we have stopped communicating because i told him i do not want to continue our same pattern (in this relationship)

    if either one of them would just take a moment to consider the fact that i have feelings as well-- i would have no problem 4getting the past and moving forward but everytime i start back up with them they stifle the relationship by going back to their old ways


    i am just tired of being sick and tired and want to have at least somewhat emotionally healthy people in my life-- the bad part is knowing my mother is terminally ill makes me wonder if we will come to a resolution b4 she passes-- as of now she has chosen my brother (bday 6/4/68)over me (he has been living w/ her for almost 10 yrs w/ his whole family) even though he did things to me someone should never do-- she just doesn't want to face this or her own past so that she/ we can move forward-- i don't/ didn't want to come between their relationship-- that is why i held what he did to me in for so long-- but i was always getting blamed for being the black sheep of the family so i had to come clean (in a letter) about what he did to me

    i told her i don't blame her for anything-- but i had to get all of that off of my heart so i could move on-- i also told her i couldn't continue our relationship how it was because i realized i was allowing how she treated me to spill into my own love life with the man i am w/ being just like her-- i told her i am here if she would be willing to have a civil relationship and that i was done coming to her for now-- but i am completely open to a relationship-- it has to be healthy though


    for the long response-- i just wanted to explain the situation as a lot of what you said is how i used to be but i truly feel i have grown past that old self (trust me i still know i am a work in progress though)

    does any of this change what you see or am i still meant to try to make things work with both of them

  • Dear 1chellee

    how to reach them: love equality between the elements.

    You assume there is something you are supposed to learn from this relationship but you are still unsure what it is: you are seeking for a stabilizing father figure, which you missed so much in your youth.

    You will not come to a resolution b4 she passes.

    You are still conditioned to be a victim seeking for perpetrators.

    Certainly some of this will change what I see.

    Be a woman of very simple interests: be utterly satisfied with the best of everything. Don’t ask for more.

  • dearest hans

    i hope i am not looking for a father figure-- i am working on dealing w/ the one i have now 😉 -- he is a handful

    i guess the reason i say learn something is i have been in a similar realtionship where when the person kept coming back i did learn a positive lesson

    i know in this case there is love-- he just has no idea how to express it

    in regards to my past i know i am not a victim but a victor as letting go of all of that has lightened my load and opened my heart

    and lastly i believe i am getting to a place of satisfaction because i know life has better for me

    thank you for allowing me to see somethings about my life and myself

    it helps confirm some of what i alreaady know

    you are greatly appreciated

  • A person who is continuously thinking whether there is any risk or not becomes so self-conscious that he never lives. He becomes rigid and dull and stupid—mediocre: forget all about risks. Life is a risk. The day you were born, one thing became certain: that you are going to die. Now what more risk can there be?

    The scholar is serious; the wise man is blissful. The scholar is very miserly. He cannot even laugh, he cannot even smile. But the wise man can have a belly laugh. He is more playful, more like a child. Wisdom brings sacredness, innocence; it brings back your childhood with a new depth and a new richness.

  • Hans,

    Do you see real love in the relationship Im in?

  • That's a really nice insight Hans. I'm going to hold that thought for a while here and see where it takes me. Thanks!

  • MOTHEROF3200920

    I see real love in the relationship you are in.

    Laughter is as precious as prayer or even more precious than prayer, because the man who cannot laugh cannot pray either. A prayer that does not come out of a joyous heart is already dead. It cannot reach God, it cannot leave the earth, it has no wings.

    You cannot be anything else. How can you be? A rose flower trying to become a lotus flower, a lotus flower trying to become something else... but they are not so stupid, they are still part of paradise. The rosebush just by your side is still in paradise but you are not. The child just sitting by your side may be still in paradise but your are not. So paradise is not a question of geography, it is a question of inner space.

  • Jenever7,

    you are opening.

    People are ordinarily closed; they are not open to experience. Before they experience anything they already take prejudices about it. They don’t want to experiment, they don’t want to explore. This is sheer stupidity.

    Blessed are the ignorant, for theirs is the kingdom of god. The knowledgeable person goes on missing. Become a hasid -- pure, simple, innocent, non-calculating.

  • I know what you mean Hans. In my personal experience I realized that it's basically fear that grips us. I think many people actually do long for a more fulfilling life experience, but the fears make us hesitate, or even paralyze us. How often I see people who are more content to stay trapped in a bad experience because it is comfortable and familiar rather than take a risk on the unknown. I myself have been there, but I grow better all the time at recognizing those moments when I am letting unfounded fears hinder my progress. Good things come out of the unknown just as readily as bad things. Like so much else though, so easy to say - not so easy to live. But you are so right, in order to keep the fears away one must allow ignorance to guide. If you can't imagine something to fear, then fear does not exist.

    I feel complimented by your observation that I am open. Thank you. I do try to live that way and I think I'm successful for the most part. Always a work in progress though, lol.

  • dearest hans

    you mentioned there were some changes in what you see-- does it have to do with my relationship with my mom and/ or with the guy

  • Jenever7,

    Spirituality is rebellion, religiousness is orthodoxy. Spirituality is individuality, religiousness is just remaining part of the crowd psychology. Religiousness keeps you a sheep and spirituality is a lion’s roar.

  • Thank you so much Hans. I do believe what you say thay it is real love that we share. You are very kindhearted for the readings that you do. Thank you so much! Will we be together forever some day?

  • You will not be together forever some day.

    Never accumulate the past; die every moment to the past. Be born anew every moment.

    Accept all the challenges of life but with absoulte unconcern, not being worried at all about the result, about the outcome, living moment to moment totally, doing whatsoever life gives you to do, and then moving on, not even looking back, not even through the rear-view mirror. There is no point, because in life there is no reverse gear, you cannot go back. God has completely forgotten about the reverse gear. He has been just like Henry Ford.

  • My Dear Friend Hans,

    Happy Holiday's...Blessed Be 🙂

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    I hope you're good. I haven't been on this forum as much lately because working and preparing for the holidays has been taking up a lot of my time! Do you celebrate the holidays this time of year? If so, maybe you're busy like everyone else seems to be!

    Anyway, I hope that I can ask you for guidance on something that has come up rather unexpectedly. I asked you in the past about a complicated relationship I have with a man I care for a lot. All of a sudden, out of the blue, he calls me today and wants to meet up this weekend to "talk" (in his words). He was being very affectionate and acted normal to me over the phone, which is not unlike him, but a little strange considering its been a few months since we've spoken. I still care about him, but I can't help but be confused about it. Since our relationship has been off, so to speak, I've been seeing another guy, so I'm feeling especially conflicted and anxious about all this. Anyway, if you have the time to answer---what do you sense from this situation and what are his intentions? How could this potentially affect my current relationship with this new man? I do plan on meeting up with him because I want answers to questions that I have had for a long time. I'm sure you don't remember, so my DOB is 8/30/88 and his is 7/14/82.

    I really hope you're doing well. I never would've imagined after so many weeks you'd still be answering questions! You're great, and thanks again as always 🙂

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