Could anyone do a reading for me please

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  • And clever I am, I just wish that I could be more like a Virgo! Hanswolfgang you have been very helpful. I wish there was something I could offer in return maybe some time in the future. I have come to a realization of my gift of insight, only if it worked on my self. I am all knew to this any ideas on where a first step would be for me? begginer meditation websites? I need to cleanse and I have no idea how.

  • Thank You ,Thank You, Thank You, You have really helped me with your insight!!

    You are so kind!! Do you by any chance do phone readings?? How much do you charge for phone readings??

    You are truly gifted. Thank You again.

  • Hello Hanswolfgang,

    Could you please tell me the state of my relationship, my guy and I have had a bit of a disagreement and now I really dont know where I stand.. and he is not talking.... my birthday sept.14/64 and his is aug 28 / 67

    I am giving him some space but in the mean time I am loosing my mind trying to give him his space!!! is ther a future for us or are we done?

  • Thank you for your time and insight. I am however a little confused, probably bc I am new to all of this . What exactly do you mean by "you can learn with K to explore your inner rhythm of withdrawal and contact. But each of you should remain apart defending himself/herself against all the expectations arising out of contact."

    Forgive me my ignorance, but I am new to all of this and have a lot to learn....

    Thank you

  • Hi hanswolfgang. Thankyou. Finally someone who comes up with some sense. You and Chris1962 have come up with the same in different aspects. Thankyou. I have checked the link you gave me. There is a lot of wisdom there. Although the latihan in subud is the right one for me. I must say, you see clearly in an aspect that I love. I am sure you dont use any cards or anything like that, you just read what the person has written, and then you feel the energy of the person. I think I am finished asking for this kind of help now. All I wanted was two people who could say the same thing. And with myself, ofcourse, there is my feeling of my future aswell wich concurs with what you said. Also Firefly said a bit like that. I rest my search for psychic answers. I am on my way to move outwardsly and actively in my life. As Firefly said, now is the time for acting, not just receiving healing. Once again, love your energy a lot.

    Hanged woman

  • I dont know H-W. maybe im in denial but i felt like we were together because we loved each other very much although I am sure it was nice to not be alone for the both of us at the time. I know I need to let this go and if its meant to be it will happen and blah blah blah. I have been alone more times then not and there have been both happy moments and not so happy moments in my alone times. I am really comfortable with myself I just hate feeling like I have lost someone who is so special to me. I appreciate what you are saying please dont get me wrong I am just tired of him popping up in my dreams and my brain. It makes me feel like there is more I should be doing to fix this situation. Time will solve the trouble puzzle. thanks for your insight you have a great gift. God Bless.

  • lovinmylife: Feelings are still just feelings, no matter how strong they are. Detachment from the one you love is also good, because it teaches us in how to let go of energies that does not serve us well. There is no such thing as "the right one" or "soul mate". That is an illusion. But what is, is you and your healing friend that lives inside of you: The Light, God, Ki, or whatever it is called. Learn to surrender to that instead of focusing on "the right man" in your life. Noone is going to save you. And you do not need to save anybody. Only God Allmighty who realms in yourself can heal you and save you.

  • woww ur reading is soo do u know??can u tell me one more thing!!will my problem with my hubby will ever disolve??do he love me??is there any chance of improvement??or my life will b like this for ever..??plz answer me..solve my problems...plz

  • ohh sorry i forgot to mention my birthday is 15 july 1983 and my hubby's birthday is on 27 july 1978..plz do help me..

  • This is my first time in this section. I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. MY life is completly crazy right know.Wondering what's going to happen in my marriage, school and what might be my best moves in life?/

    D.O.B 08/25/72

    Thank You!!

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  • Hanged woman I read what you wrote this morning and have been giving it thought, but I disagree with there not being a soulmate and such. i am one of those people that does believe in soulmates, right or wrong its what I believe. I also take feelings seriously because its been my experience that my feelings are there to tell me when something is good or not quite right. They are a guage for me to see where my heart is at. We just have very different points of view. But we both have one thing in common that we care alot about people and try to offer help and encouragement. I am just saying that we dont see things the same and we both need to believe in what works for us. And I certainly wouldnt want someone to "rescue me" I am a true believer in God and my own walk with him and I know he is right here with me all the time. That is not the issue at hand for me. It could be that I am coming across that way because I have been harping on this subject for a few days. I will come to terms with it in time. But being able to seek advice and know that there are people willing to offer support is really wonderful and I think its safe to say we are all trying to be good examples of Gods love for each other right here in this forum. I will get out of this rut I just needed a safe place to express whats going on in side my heart and I have so thanks.

  • If you could do a ready for me also when time allows...I have been pursuing my purpose for a time and obstacles always seem to be in the way in all areas of my life...if u could provide some insight and guidance into my personal and career path as well as my relationship status with my partner I'd appreciate it My Birthday is 3/14/80 and my partners is 3/15/81... Thanks in Advance!

    Peace and Blessings


  • quenkath,

    there is no one special I had in mind.

    Just open your heart and follow your feelings. And the heart has a still voice. It is easy by the mind to laugh it down. Be aware: If there is clever argumentation, it is your thinking. If there is just an inner impulse, without rhyme and reason, it is the heart.

  • talisa72,

    there is another challenge coming that you must face.

    And with Darren's return it is for long term.



  • h-w

    blessings dear friend for your words, and thank you so very much for sharing your gift :0 I will do your reiki for you tonight when I finish work today. You deserve something special in return for being you 🙂

    Love and light


  • MsScorp

    you can I fix this, but you will not fix this, if you close your eyes and block yourself, if you mistrust life feeling imprisoned by it, if you do not want to hear or see anyone.

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  • pilot007

    yes, sometimes I do phone readings.

    I do not charge anything.

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