Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • Dear Hans,

    I hope each yes brings me closer to my gift. We are together, yet apart. I am alone but with others in work, comunity and family. I am surprised you feel no comes easily to me. Often it seems hard to me, especially in relationships with others. However, no to my own goals and aspirations for the benefit and help of others has been a large part of my life. I will continue seeking my gift and loving life moment to moment.

    Thank you

  • My Dear Friend Hans,

    I understand the first part but you have puzzled me on the second part?

    am i trying to hard or am i missing something?

    peace & light my friend 🙂

  • i hear you hans

    i will just leave God's plan alone and stay on course

    do you see if i am i only meant to study law but not practice it -- do i need to get the law degree along with my studies (if so is there a timeframe of when) or am i meant to just have the knowledge

    am i to pursue mediation as a profession (if so when may this employment happen) or just practice it wherever/ whenever a situation arises

    as a confirmation yes he is going through powerful changes mainly in career some personal-- he is in the entertainment industry and his career is taking off

    do you see him as the man in my life or am i to meet someone else (possible timeframe of when we will meet)-- if there is someone else or if it is him will i find the peace and mutual love/ respect i am looking for

    thanks again for the confirmation

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    I'm being stalked at the moment do u see this person being caught or stopped soon??

    15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool Australia

    Thank you

  • Jenever7,

    the moon in the sky is one thing and the moon reflected in the silent lake is totally another. One exists, the other is only a reflection. If you jump into the silent lake you will not be able to catch hold of the moon; on the contrary, you may even disturb the reflection because the lake will be disturbed.

  • Dear cyw39,

    you can never be relaxed unless your time concept changes. Unless death is just a passage for rebirth, unless each moment is a repetition, an infinite repetition, you cannot be relaxed. How can you be relaxed when a moment is going, passing, and it wil not come back? And the paradox is that the more obsessed you become with time, the more tense you become and the less you can live each moment.

  • Thank you

    I hope you are well. I know I am a bit obsessive.:) My focus can be narrow. I hope to be more relaxed. You were right in an earlier post. I want to know the unknown. Yet, I can not control what is unknown.I wish to be content in the present. Like you have said, in paraphase, the past is gone and we do not know the future. I can only live and be present in the moment. Thank you.

    Be blessed always

  • Dear patricia1970libra,

    you are neither trying too hard nor are you missing something.

    on the second part: Go inside and trust your intuition.

    The beginning is also the end, the meeting is also a departing. One has to understand this contradictoriness, this paradoxical nature of existence. The welcoming smile is also a farewell.

  • HI just kathy ann....and i kinda have the same question. my life is in turmoil right now.....i have been divorced 4 years now, no kids, but i just lost my job last week..i dont know what im going to do...i have had to struggle really hard financially since my divorce, and im so tired of living this way......i guess all i can say, is you are not alone.......i wish i knew if i would ever meet my soulmate and get married again........this life now, is just one struggle after another. The key is to stay positive, no matter how hard it is...and keep pushing ahead. My ex still loves me, even though he is remarried...that is so hard for me.....i am trying to let go of the past, but its hard ..........well.....good luck and i hope God blesses you and me and many others in the new year. love and blessing.......just kathy ann

  • 1chellee,

    you do need to get the law degree along with your studies (timeframe of 9th of april).

    You are to pursue mediation as a profession (when may this employment happen: 1th of may), but whenever a situation arises, you can practice it already before.

    I see him certainly as the man in your life.

    You will i find the peace and mutual love, you are looking for, but not the respect.

    The ego is a perfectionist and the ego thinks that when you have attained, then there is no learning, then you know all. But if you know all, that "all" will be finite. Just by being known it has to become finite.

    Be simply a deep receptivity... a readiness, an open door.

  • Hello Hans, how are you? Fine I hope, just saying hello, don't burn yourself out. Blessings to you Shaman!

  • Dear taurusgirl1974,

    Do I see this person being caught or stopped soon?? No.

    You have mental power, the ability to focus your mind on a goal or objective and see it through to a successful conclusion. This power is usually applied to some mental or educational task. It bestows the power to overcome all problems by focusing your thoughts and it usually occurs when there is something that you need to learn or accomplish on the mental level.

    You have the opportunity to fix your mind on certain goals and objectives, which is focus of the mind. Out of that focus and concentration, success is assured.

    During this time you may have fewer resources available for doing what you want, and you may have to focus the available resources on more restricted and concentrated objectives. The effects of this influence are several. First, structure in your life will change significantly, but not suddenly or without warning. The changes brought about during this time are inherent in what is being changed, if you look carefully. It is rather like an inevitable conclusion of a situation. During this period some things will come to an end or an old order of life will cease. On a metaphysical level, this influence means that factors are now being incorporated into the structure of your life that will later bring about evolution and growth. This process involves getting rid of old structures. What happens now will have great consequences in fourteen years.

    On a material level, this influence often causes financial problems or other kinds of shortages. Sometimes government or other officials will impose heavy burdens that greatly restrict your freedom of movement. It is also possible that some incident or accident may affect your health and thereby restrict your freedom of movement.

    All of these effects confine your energies so that later they can be focused upon matters that will require your full attention. If your energy is spread too thin, later crises will be much more difficult to bear. Then you will have to go through a most unpleasant house- cleaning of everything in your life that interferes with your natural pattern of evolution.

    As you are more and more restricted by circumstances and the need to use your resources conservatively, do not simply hold in your energies. Build new structures to correct the problems you face now, and concentrate all your energy on bringing about necessary evolution in your life.

    Unless calmness comes as a shadow of awareness, beware of it. It is false, it is utterly futile. The whole effort that you have put into cultivating it has been a sheer wastage. The same effort could have been put into becoming aware.

  • hey there hans~ 😃

    just wondering, if you have the time, i'd like to ask what's in store for me over the coming months?

    if you need it my birthay is feb 7th

    please and thank you in advance..

  • cyw39

    it is very significant to understand the word “remembrance”. The whole religion is contained in that small word. God is not lost but only forgotten. We have only to remember him. It is not a question of seeking and searching. He is already here, he is with us, he is our very life, our very being. We cannot lose him; there is no way to lose him. The only possibility is that we can forget all about him and he is so close that it is very easy to forget him. There is no distance, hence we become oblivious.

  • hey there Amethyst666

    what's in store for you over the coming months? Much stress is waiting for you. You think you have so many duties to fulfill, all at the same time. Learn to delegate duties.

    I recommend you rebellion! Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light.

    Then you will get rid of your fear, but that doesn´t mean that there will be no fears in life. You will come to know that ninety percent of your fears are just imagination. Ten percent are real so one has to accept them. You need not be brave. Be more responsive, sensitive, alert, and your alertness is enough, Become aware that you can use your fears also as stepping stones. So, don´t be worried.

  • Hans,

    you are right God is always there, with us. He provides all we need, yet we often seek more in the life. He is. I pray for more of Him in my life. That the light and life that is given is a reflection of Him in me. You are a great help and I appreciate your responses.

    I still feel something in my life is changing. Perhaps it's my view of life. Here i go again, trying to see the unknown. I will try to stay in the moment. Live this moment. Hopefully stop obscessing.

    Again. Thank you

  • Never accumulate the past; die every moment to the past. Be born anew every moment.

  • Hello to everybody!

    I'm new here, but please, would someone be so kind to take a look or two and help me?

    I have fallen for this guy who I'm having some sort of adventure, but we get a long so fine, he understands me (or so he pretends). He drives me crazy with his hot and cold games, I know he doesn't want a relationship now (or with me???) but I have to know if there is a chance for him to change his mind, I can't just give up on him, I like him too much. My friends say I should move along but that's so difficult for me to do. Should I listen to them? I feel so lost right now.

  • Exactly right Hans, wow, I can't believe I actually understood one of your posts the first time I read it, lol. No offense, I take that as my growing understanding, not that you intend to confuse.

    I am still so struck by your observations about my friend's relationship with his mother that the more I think about it, the more things fall into place. The implication here is that in the time we've known each other I behave in ways that give him exactly what he would expect based on his past experience. He takes an action and gets the predictable reaction and he stays comfortable and in control. I get what I tend to always get in these sort of relationships (oh yes, there have been a few) which is frustration and unfulfillment. So. It is time to figure out how to introduce the unexpected into this relationship I think. Which is probably to stand quiet and still, reject any further instigation on his part, and let his actions simply fall back upon himself.

    This is going to continue to be an enormous challenge for me, but I'm feeling so inspired to take it on. I don't have to walk away from him to do this, in fact if I walk away it solves nothing for me. As you say, this is about clarity and getting rid of the affects of ego, and if the clarity keeps coming, like the sun rising in the dawn...well who can stop the sun from rising, lol?

  • Hello Hanswolfgang...I am only now getting back here for a couple incredicble days of movement and just flowing with the tide...I receive the invocation of freedom...and sweet release from the prison and chains...

    I open eyes to new day...whether sudden rain or sun shine...and enjoy the bounty of each...for it is all Heaven...In Love and with thanks...I'm just enjoying the dots and the commas, the spaces between the words and the breathe in the glance...

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