Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • thanks so much hans. i appreciate your time.

  • stronginside,

    if you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.

    If you cannot adjust to any of these you should take some time off or a holiday every once in a while. Even God rested on the seventh day after creating the world. This holiday should be spent in a retreat. When its over you can go back to your work. This will alter your whole angle of vision.

  • Aquarianna,

    I do not see that you're not giving all of yourself in this.

    Also I do see you as the most giving here.

    Reunite with your own source. Remember, become again a part of the organic unity that you are. It is nothing to do with others. The ego is always concerned with the others, this way or that. When you become totally concerned with yourself, ego simply drops. There is no point for it to exist.

  • arieskaren,

    be aware of this, that you are eternal, be aware that you are God or part of God. Become aware that you are a goddess, that you are an eternal being. With the experience of eternity bliss arises, fear disappears; love arises, hate disappears; light arises, darkness disappears!

  • patricia1970libra,

    human love is non-possessive, non-jealous, non-biological. It has nothing to do with reproduction. It is a play, a sharing, a fun, a way of communicating. But still there is one thing in it which has to be dropped the boundaries. Even in human love the lovers are not one -- they are separate. Everything of ghe biological has disappeared except one thing which is not biological and therefore cannot disappear with the biology -- that is the ego.

  • mae1956

    he so protective of you whenever anyone tries to harm you or use you in anyway, because he wants to lead you on your way.

    He feels for you a feeling of being able of letting go of his ego.

    What do I see for you in your future in all aspects of your life? I see you fighting against your own potential and, most important, running away from your identity.

    Whats to come? I see a relocation.

  • free4now,

    yes, humanity needs healing, but be aware that humanity, the greater part of humanity, is not intelligent at all. It lives in a very stupid way; it lives in mediocrity. Its consciousness is so much covered with dust and rust that its mirroring quality is completely lost. It cannot reflect anything, it cannot echo anything. Great skill is needed; only then can one percent of the healing be effective.

  • Hanswolfgang' Can you please do a reading for me 31-01-53. Thank you

  • Hanswolfgang, I wouldn't go so far as calling myself as a goddess. But I do love openly and deeply. Some may say I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don't care. I cherish my family, friends and coworkers. I try to find good in everyone I meet before I making judgement. I'm known as sunshine to everyone who knows and loves me. There has been a dark cloud and many people are concerned. I know in time the sunshine will come out again. Thank you for putting me a pedestal and your beautiful words. AriesKaren.

  • llindieloo,

    you need to be more friendly with the people around you. Try to be in harmony with all you are connecting with.

    The day you were born you took the greatest risk that you could ever take. Now death is going to happen, death is bound to happen. The day you were born you already took one step into the grave. Now what greater risks can you take? Even if you go on avoiding risks, you will die, so why not take the risk and live really authentically?

  • arieskaren,

    but this is the way of the mind, the way of the ego: to magnify everything. It makes everything look big and then, of course, you start suffering in a big way. The cause is not so big, but the effect can be very big; it depends on you.

    We can only begin our journey from where we are, not from where we have to reach. Many philosophies begin from where we should be ultimately, but how is it possible to begin the journey from where we are not? The journey has to begin from where we are.

  • Hello Hans, saw that you were on and just wanted to wish you well. Not looking for any readings tonight, I'm coasting along reasonably well here for the most part. I just enjoy reading the advice you give others because it often gives me a fresh perspective. So glad that you carry on here!

  • Want to share this with you:

    There are three ways to be ruined in this world: first is by sex, second is by gambling, and the third is by politics. Sex is the most fun, gambling is the most exciting, and politics is the surest.

  • hans, thanks once again for your insight. Im somewhat confused by what you mean by him being protective of me becase he wants to lead me on my way,can you please be more specific about that? you say that most importantly i am running from my identity,can this be that the life of lonleyness i have led for so long has made me want to run and find a new life? also you said you see a relocation in my future, can you please tell me when this is suppose to take place and to where i will go. my Life has been very sad and confusing for me for several months . i have done everything to be with this man and gave up everything to be with him, and still we are apart. I know I love to deep and give too much that is my nature and it's something I need to change but how.? Many people tell me i have a big heart but my big heart always seems to get broke. Why? Im never unfaithful or unkind to the men in my life but it never turns out good. Why?

    I have had to work since I was a child with my da, and as i got older i worked in many kinds of work, Im tired of working and want some man to take care of me for once will that ever happen?

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Maybe I shouldn't ask this.. My friend (10/1/62) I had to let go because of his situation. Was he the one?

  • OOPS. 10/1/61

  • politics,YUCK!!!!,


    Peace & Blessings


  • Hmm, Hans, that post regarding ****, gambling and politics arrived right after my post. Was there some specific message you intended for me in that or were you just expounding in general? I don't gamble (other than perhaps with aspects of life), **** probably will bring me to ruin because I can't separate it from emotions, lol, and I actually have been drawn into someone else's political agenda because of success I achieved from a government sponsored educational program. I realize that they use me lately to promote continued funding for their program, but I did not see this as a problem, given that I understand that they have a political agenda that I help satisfy. They did afterall, provide me with financing I could not have afforded otherwise and I can help others achieve success as well if the government funding is continued for those in need. No one has asked me to run for office yet, haha.

    Hans, something is going on with me lately. Deja vu's like crazy this past week. Never experienced anything like it before. Can you pull a card or something and see what's affecting me? I feel like something big is approaching and while I remind myself to just stay "open" and just deal with whatever arrives, it's curious that I would have so many indications to raise my awareness for some reason - like a build up so that I recognize something or someone when it arrives. I don't know, I just don't get it. Any insight for me?

  • Hello Jenever7,

    I will suggest one thing. Every day for one hour, simply sit and let God breathe you.

  • mae1956

    can I be more specific about that? He dominates you with his will power.

    The life of lonleyness you have led for so long has made you want to run.

    This relocation is supposed to take place when you are turning away from yourself.

    You will go there where you are seeking advices.

    How to change? No more action without meditation. Your strength should be orderly and stable. Otherwise you are prone to act out of illusion.

    Why your big heart always seems to get broke? Because your heart should lead you first on your way, not always on the ways of others.

    You are never unfaithful or unkind to the men in your life but it never turns out good. Why? Because you are driving headlong, straight away. Because those men are your dependencies. Because you are feeling overburdened and under pressure.

    You want some man to take care of you for once will that ever happen? Yes.

    You are reminding me at that:

    A mother was telling her child, "Be very careful when you go to school because the traffic is dangerous at rush hour time."

    The child said, "Don´t be worried. I always wait by the side of the road. When a gap comes by, then I cross the road."

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