Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • ILoveFish,

    who is Hans Wolfgang? Hans-Wolfgang lives, but he is not. There is love for all your questions.

    Where did these answers for so many come from?

    They come from my connection with the collective unconsciousness, the Rider-Waite-Tarotcards and my connection with the cosmic consciousness, my enlightened Master Osho.

    are you alone? Yes, I am al(l-)one.

    are you happy? Yes, against all odds.

    what's your life like? I am surviving somehow escaping the social controls trying to find my peace through change being convinced at the same time by my taoistic values without that I could not cope with tomorrow.

    what about you? I see all this as illusions and desires.

    How do I achieve what you have? My mind achieved that I forgot my Hara. I think I have enough clinging to my old poisons and habits. I am as paralyzed. We can only be receivers, we can´t be achievers. All that is significant has to be received. All that we achieve is insignificant. Remember that distinction: whatsoever man can achieve is going to be mundane and will be taken away by death; whatsoever comes to man from the beyond cannot be taken away by death. It is immortal, it is eternal.

    Confidence, insight, knowledge? Easy is Right. Begin right and you are easy. Continue easy and you are right. The right way to go easy is to forget that the going is easy.

    When you pass through a garden, your clothes catch the fragrance of the flowers. If you are with someone who has known, your being catches the fragrance. The fragrance flows, spreads.

  • wickedmoon,

    I do not see you and this guy that you've been with, I do not see you seeing eachother for awhile.

    You do have mental creativity. On the other hand, there can be worry and indecision and mental stress. You will have an opportunity to either get the benefits of heightened creativity of mind, or suffer the liability of more stress and indecision.

    Use this influence for writing, either personally or professionally. Express yourself to all you meet and you will reap positive rewards.

  • Dear hobbles76,

    you are interpreting this correctly.

    You are alone. You are pulling clear. Go on seeking for clarity.

    What you need is creativity: To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.

  • Dear Dosstier

    as advice to help you passed this point in time so you may move forward: Move, relocate, or at least go on a journey.

    To protect yourself now do not hurt your heart by your thoughts.

    To help your son be in tune with the people around you.

    A help you could give yourself would be if you could trust your spontaneity.

    Spotaneity arises in wonder and awe. If you can feel wonder, if you can feel awe, you are spontaneous. Not by reading the Bible or the Gita or the Koran, but by experiencing awe. When you see the sky full of stars, do you feel a dance in your heart? Do you see a song arising in your being? Do you feel a communion with the stars? Then you are spontaneous.

  • lilttlespark,

    because of your good sefl esteem you are continous fighting. That´s why love evades you always.

    You have do decide what is more important for you: Love or fighting.

    When you are born you are born only with the potential to exist, to survive, not with the art of making life a joy, a bliss, a celebration. That art has to be learned.

  • Dear patricia1970,

    Until she can break this cycle of settling for abusing guys she will not be o.k.

  • tracer411,

    there are enough astrological websites on the internet where you can find out by yourself what your sun and moon risings are.

    You are in a situation where you are very indecisive about you and your way. Wait until clarity happens by itself.

    Wait for activities involving large numbers of people that you have a love connection with. It will deal more with family, circles of friends, or with the audiences of musicians, artists and other performers. It can leads to much success with the public and groups of people.

    To get the most out of it plan your advertising and promotional campaign when it is present. At the very least, wait for a social occasion such as a party where you are well received and have a wonderful time. It can also represent a marriage or other large family gathering.

    There is no peace anywhere. Everything is as if it is on fire, and all that you need to do is to jump out of this fire. Your jealousy is fire, your anger is fire, your fear is fire, your love is fire -- all that you are living is nothing but a house on fire. Every moment is anxiety, every moment there is anguish, until you jump out of this fire.

  • Dear Hans,

    Thank you so much for your insight! I believe I finally am understanding things. 🙂 I looked at my children today and saw how much I love them and how much their lives mean to me! I am so thankful for their being in my life, and I am so grateful that I get to be their mother! 🙂 My older son looks at everything in wonder (as I am sure his brother will as well), so I think I am going to try to follow his lead! 🙂 Thank you again for all your kindness! 🙂

    Loving the music of life! 🙂

  • Dear Hans,I don't fight with anyone . I'm always polite and nice with others . I don't understand why I come off as someone who fights a lot ? Please clarify . Thanks,

  • Thank you for replying back. You are complex, sometimes when reading what you have written I must read many time to grasp the concept in which you are relating your thoughts. I want to grow, I want to learn, I want peace, harmony, love in my life. Can you help to direct me in the right path.

    What teachings have you had, was this something you were born with? Surrounded by? or studied? I do admire you for reaching out to so many of us who are lost, looking for answers. I'm also well aware that all answers are within us all but sometimes in lonliness and desperation we need the guidance, advice and knowledge from others.

    Thank you for always responding.

  • remember not everyone is genuine...... you know what you are and never substitute someone elses judgement for your own.

  • lilttlespark,

    no is your word nr. 1. You are used to contradict everyone, maybe for it it just usual, but for me and possibly for the people around you also it is fighting. You see one can fight also in a nice and polite way, as you were doing now with me.

    You were fighting the stillstand being in love for the goal. But now your like a train without goal chasing even the time and your depressions arising out of it. You have the illusion that your life depends from something being outside of you. Seduction and dependances in the outside make it impossible for you to go inside.

    Form is a flux. You never die! Form dies every day. But the problem arises because you have become too identified with the form. You think “I am the form.” You think “I am this body.” The fear of death arises.

    A drunkard staggering home kept hitting the trees which lined the pavement -- once, twice, then again. Finally he stopped where he was and said to himself, "It´s better... hic if I wait for the parade to finish!"

  • Dear Hans , I get your point now . I am so frustrated with the failure in my love life and there's nothing I can do about it .You are right when you say no is my no1 word . Maybe I'm just too negative . And I think more than I allow myself to feel . I feel so hopeless about my situation and I can't soften up overnight . And I'm not getting any younger . I'm not desperate but perhaps I don't have the personality to attract a nice man in my life .... Nothing is my power anymore , just the universe making it loud and clear love is not for me..

  • My DOB is 2/5/62 his is 3/23/53 what can you tell me about our relationship? he seems to be struggling with what he really needs and wants. Everyone he has ever dated has left for one reason or another. I am am not running away but need to know if I should stay with him.

  • ILoveFish

    first thing is to withdraw yourself going inside. Try to meditate, and the formula for meditation is very simple: relaxation and awareness. Try to relax totally at the same time remaining as aware as you can.

    I was born with a taoistic mind set, seeing life as a play and the way as the goal. I had many teachings, from Yoga over Zen to Taoism, and finally the teachings of my master Osho, surrounded by people who were against me studying all what could activate my potential and upload my hidden and unconscious understanding.

    Religion is not concerned with other. It is concerned with you, absolutely with you. Religion is personal. It is not a social phenomenon. In fact, there cannot be any sociology of religion; there can only be a psychology.

    When the rosebush is full of flowers it need not utter to the world, need not declare to the world that, "I am beautiful." It is beautiful.

  • lilttlespark,

    all I can say to you: Your mind always want to go against the river of life, against the current. Follow the flow, the flowing of your energy, trust in your relaxation and do not listen to your mind.

  • free4now,

    about your relationship: you are not letting him in. You are turning down every offer. You think you have enough clinging to your old poisons and habits. But you should stay with him.

    You are very spiritual and can have great success in your life as long as you do not disregard the wisdom that is intended to guide you through life. You are here to learn to TRUST and keep going in spite of circumstances. Your main challenges will come in the areas of work and health. You must live the higher values you know if you are to have the blessings and power that is inherently available to you. You must think, speak and act from a higher perspective or suffer innumerable ills. You are protected by a high, spiritual force but even this is not as powerful as your own actions and attitudes. You must live what you know and follow your intuitive guidance. You may marry into money or receive support from associations. You can always do well if you work hard and maintain honesty. Nothing can stop you but yourself.

  • hello hanswolfgang you did a reading for me some time back i was wondering if you would do another my husband cheated on me 10yrs ago i caught him we stayed together i truly love him and believe he loves me . he is a truck driver and we talk about going on the road together when my daugther gets out of school. do you see us staying together and doing that ? i was also wondering about my son do you see him staying with this girl ? i would be thankful for any insight

  • Hans,

    Gratitude I feel towards you, mostly for helping so many to try to understand. Do you have a website where I can learn more about you and your teachings? I will need to get some reading material to try to understand more of what you write. Taoism, I've never known anyone that has spoken their teachings. I will need to search to find more answers.

    I wish you a peaceful day and evening. Are you in the United States?

  • kathy72,

    I do not see you staying together and doing that. But I do see your son staying with this girl.

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