Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • Cris,

    Wenchie is totally right! No,you are not "meant" to live your life alone or any other prescribed way. You are MEANT to be happy and fulfilled and if, for you, one element of that happiness and fulfillment is sharing your life and time with another, then be SURE that THAT is what is meant for you.

    You're wiser than to allow the fears and challenges of this trying time to convince you that anything in your life prescribed to the extent that you are a helpless bit of flotsam on the see of life, carried this way and that as some other thing sees fit, with no will or power of your own. YOU are in control of your destiny,my friend:)

    You are just having a bit of momentary fear and doubt, like we ALL do. I do not AT ALL feel that you will spend your life alone. Not at all. Besides, you're too fabulous for that!

  • cris your afraid of that unknown and have your own self doubts. We have all been there if we have had a break up more so in a marriage. So many years with someone else helping you make important decisions and now you don't know if you can do it alone. You not only can but you need to in order for you to find your own self worth. Then you can partake in a partnership again. You need to believe in yourself and you will learn to do that. Your a Cancer woman hear you ROAR! Love and Light my darlin it's going to be ok.

  • I badly need a reading,i have not been well lately,and have alot of things happening in my life right now that i do not know why theses things are happening and i feel unbalanced and at a cross road again,I feel that i'm so close to crawling into my shell again and hiding from the world,and i really do not want to be back in the dark hole again. PLZ. HELP!!! my is 10-16-1970,born in hackensack,n.j. i think around 6p.m. BLESSINGS xoxoxo

  • Thank you hanswolfgang,

    This man's bday is 6/19/59 - what do you see?


  • G'day cris1962,

    You are right with your scary feeling being meant to live the rest of your life alone as long as you are afraid of what's to come.

    Knowledge kills joy -- knowledge is a killjoy. Do not trust in knowledge. Trust in ignorance -- because ignorance is innocent.


  • poetic555,

    it means, that this number is important for you, so you are registrating this number every time it shows up. Almost all the other numbers that show up, you will not register.

    But for any clue ask your father.

    Don’t impose any choice of your own.

  • eforever

    that indulgence with which you are avoiding your intuition.

    You are indulging in clinging.

    The first fallacy is that things are static, and then the second fallacy is that you are, that you have a static ego. They both go together. If you want to cling, you need a clinger. If you have no need to cling, there is no need for a clinger. Go deep into it. If you don’t need to cling, the ego is not needed at all; it will be pointless. In fact, it cannot exist without clinging.

  • patricia1970,

    these things are happening so that you can follow your heart, where it leads you.

    You are a psychic but you are not aware of your gift. You feel a responsibility to truth. You must learn to find a system of truth that you can believe in and live your life by. Once attained, there is no limit to how much good you can do in the world. Unless you have found your path yoou can be a big worrier and procrastinator. You have a responsibility to maintain inner balance and peaceful communications with those in your live. You will attain financial affluence and have inherent protection over your life. Love is important to you. Once you tap into your hidden reserves and your natural intuition is recognized, you find your life guided and protected from the highest sources possible.

    If you take the responsibility for your life you can start changing it.

    If you can understand this basic bifurcation in your tree of life you can understand all the conflict that goes on around and inside you.

  • blady,

    There are changes and restlessness in his heart which can manifest in many ways. At the deepest level, he will probably be feeling a dissatisfaction with his current relationship or home situation and desire some sort of change.

    There is always the chance of a separation or divorce with someone he loves, but there is an equal possibility that he will be taking a trip or moving to a new home. He should be going out and meeting new people, telling others about what he is doing and who he is. He can make important contacts.

    So this is how everybody is functioning, this is the way of the mind. It does not want to change, it does not want any change anywhere, so that it can alwys move on certain and solid ground, so that it always knows the answer, so that its knowledge is worth something, so that its efficiency can function.


    A single moment of passionate love, of passionate living, of passionate stillness, is more valuable than the whole of eternity. It is not a question of survival; it is really a question of how to live this moment.

  • Thank you Hanswolfgang,

    He is an extrraordinary being - almost not of this earth. In a moment he did touch me and changed my world. My energy fused with his. Now I'm left wondering what to do.

    Thank you for sharing your insight. May you be surrounded by loving, warm energy.

  • Thank-You So Much Wolf

    What you said makes perfect sence! But how do i develope my gift or become full aware of it? now i know why i was always so good at sencing things about people i did not even know.and for year's i have always had these awake visions,alot of them well for the most part most of them are visions of bad thing's that are to happen or have happened i just don't hear about it til later.and everytime i get an overwellming sence about something it's always right first i said no way and would try not to listen but now when it happens im not surprised anymore,just worried that i do not know what to do with it? i used to feel that alot of bad visions were going to happen to me but after reading your responce it helps reasure me that i'm not just having weird daydreams and nightdreams (awake).my oldest daughter is 17,and i have know from the time that she was a baby that she is very psychic,she asked me when she was 13 what was wrong with her?,and i sat her down and exsplaned to her that she had a very special gift,she has try to handle it the best she can on her own,you see she was taken from me not long after this awakening,(by her fathers very powerful family).so i have not been there for the past 5yrs. guiding her,to help her try to understand what is happening to her.i have helped her out on the phone what little i have been allowed to talk with her,but she will be 18 next oct. and we will be together again,i hope.i sould say i feel. again thank -you so much for your help.....


  • Hey Hans! How are you today? I saw you finally got a reading of your own on here...that's pretty cool. 🙂 I wish I could do the same that you and others do on this site, it could be helpful and fun to learn. I'm wondering if you can tell me anything you see in the near future for me (such as the next 2 or 3 months)? I'm growing excited for the new year and I'm hoping that I'll find some direction in ALL aspects of my life. Can I ask you to share with me what you may see ahead (love, career, etc.)? If you see any new love interests don't forget to let me know, haha :). Hope you're well!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, HansWolfGang....

    I was just wondering if you see anything for me in the next year? Regarding love, money and career? Do you see anything happening with my ex, or is it best to move on forever. :D.O.B.--- Mine---01-01-78, HIS---09-18-78

    Thanks 😃

  • Thank you Hans...I will contemplate on what you have said and light

  • Need advice on trying to keep a relationship going with this guy or just move on.

    My DOB 05/21/1966

    His DOB 09/19/1963

  • patricia1970,

    you develop your gift by working on it.

    If you have worked enough on it you will become full aware of it, then others can say what they want. you can remain with your inner clarity and vision.

    But until now you are just worried that you do not know what to do with it. You see, that is the point. Your inner eye should not only directed to others, but also on yourself. Look inside and the inner darkness will lighten up and only when your inner clarity is there also about you, then you have become full aware of your gift. Otherweise you would remain a helpless helper.

  • Hey lf245706,

    I am trying to fulfill my reading.

    I see for you in the near future (such as the next 2 or 3 months) love arising, falling in love.

    I see ahead you building up an ego as business woman. You are waiting for love, and yahoo, it will come. Career you also have to wait for, more reflection is needed. But care for not being impeded and blinded by your new love interests.

    You have to contribute something that only you can do and nobody else can do, hence YOU have to do it. Your whole effort should not be for domination. You should simply want the group to run in a more harmonious way. Once things are clear there is no problem. Cooperate and drop the fear of domination. And you are conscientious, so you will understand, what is to be done.

  • Hi Hans-Wolfgang,

    Can you give me some insight for next week please. Hope all is well with you? x

  • Hi Hanswolfgang!

    Hope all is well.

    My friend has been deployed to Iraq.Will he be ok??

    Also I'm going out this evening being Saturday in Australia,I'm wondering if I'll see if anyone I know as I'm going out alone??

    : )

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