Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • Hans,

    I see. Yes, I agree. You're right, I guess I just have to let go so I drop all my expectations. Otherwise, whether I know it or not, I'll be expecting something.

    Thank you soooooo much. Things make a lot more sense now.

    Did you want me to try a reading for you?? You've done like...20 for me, LOL! I don't usually do them over the internet but I could give it a try.

  • blady,

    friendships or relationships will end, but do not grieve about that, turn around, new relationships are waiting for you.

  • MariaRia,

    if you want to give me a reading, I would welcome it.

    And if you do not want to do it over the internet, you can also send it to me via e-mail.

    You can contact me in my profiles, for instance:

  • Nah, like this is fine. What question do you have??

  • MariaRia,

    I do not have any question. But I would be interested what you do see about me in general.

  • hanswolfgang,

    Namaste and thank you. when do you see this happening and how can i protect my son?

  • Well, it seems like in the past you've been pretty happy, but presently there's something upsetting you that you're in the process of trying to let go of. It seems like you are lacking a balance in your life that needs to be regained, and it might come from your friends and family. I think you're either ignoring them (or maybe too busy?) or they're not paying much attention to you. Maybe they don't agree with something you're doing, and it's making you upset, you feel like there's nothing you can do about the situation. I think you have to completely let go and accept the situation for what it is, and make the most of it. Otherwise it seems like things will just get more unclear. Maybe emotions will muddy the situation, causing more disillusionment. But if you open your mind, look at it from a new perspective, things can progress and change. Maybe there's an aspect to this situation that you're not seeing yet, because you wont let yourself?

    Does that seem right?

  • Thank you MariaRia,

    it seems right enough to ponder over it.

    I am willing to completely let go and accept any situation for what it is and make the most of it. I will welcome disillusionment because it promises more clarity. I will try to open my mind looking from new perspectives. And if this one blind spot is coming into my vision I will know that I have let myself.

    It seems I have to become more receptive, maybe I have to become a child again.

  • Namaste blady,

    I see this happening when you are ready to live in your own space.

    You can protect your son with the help of a man who has the strong will to help you.

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  • It will proceed forward, although it should not, but potentially will a kind of relationship come out of it, which will disappoint you creating a conflict between feeling and thinking in yourself.

    It is simply suicidal.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you Hans!

    I ended up receiving a text from him at about 6am this morning. All is said was "Hi. I know you're probably sleeping and don't want to hear from me. So i'm sorry."

    I don't know what he was saying sorry for or even the purpose of trying to talk to me, but I just didn't reply or try to contact him back at all today. It just doesn't feel right. Especially because I continue to hear things that he's saying. Like that he doesn't want to work things out ever with me and wants to start new. And just a few things that are blatant lies.

    I just wish I knew what the "so i'm sorry" was for. I didn't know if it was for the fact that he was even saying hi or like a sorry for everything. But, I don't know. I didn't ask.

  • Dosstier,

    it would be suicidal for your heart. A loving heart needs innocence and freedom. But freedom looks crazy because everybody is living an imprisoned life. Your philanthropic ideals and the fulfillment of your heart, that are your illusions. You are very idealistic. You are living, but not being.

    What you need is intelligence of the heart.

  • secretlygone,

    the "so i'm sorry" was for the fact that he was even saying hi.

  • G'day hans

    I have a scary feeling I'm meant to live the rest of my life alone. Am I right, or am I simply afraid of what's to come?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Chris, this is Han's offsider........

    STOP panicking, you are not meant to live the rest of your life alone, you are just afraid of the changes to come. But come they will, and you will be ok and can let out a sigh of relief. I know you feel stuck right now, but it's just for now, not a sign of what is to come.

    Now, take a big deep breath, you are strong, you are a good person, you deserve everything good the universe has to offer, now have some faith. Stop these silly negative thoughts or I will have to drive the 7.5 hours to come slap you around the head (possibly only 6 hours with my driving!!!!!!!)

    Tell yourself, the difficult times are in the past and the best is on its way and WILL happen. I know you're scared, but really it is going to be ok.

    Now you know I love ya, but seriously girl, I'm gonna have to come slap you if you don't snap out of it and stop doubting yourself.


    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo :-))

  • Hello all, yesterday this number kept showing up 1226 at least 4 times or more, I wonder what it means? any clue? That happens to be my Mom's birthday.

  • Hi Hans ...I was away for a while just checking the forum...I am afraid I did not quite understand your answer to my question of Nov.14th...could you please clarify... what indulgence?

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