Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • secretlygone,

    you should bother getting back together with him. It will not be that easy.

    At work you should try to remain independent, having your own space.

    Never commit the same mistake again and again, invent new mistakes every day. Be creative. Risk in new ways. Be risky, live dangerously, live without security and safety. Be tremendously in love with life.

  • Hey Hans,'re still going. That's really amazing. If you don't mind....could you just do a quick little check up of my situation with J, my coworker? I'd like to know how he's feeling about us at the moment. I'm trying to take all your advice, give him space, continue on living life as fully as I can.

    Thank you so so much!


  • Hmm, okay! Thank you! Lol. I'll be curious to see if he actually tries to come back and work things out! Things don't really point to that right now, but then again that can change in the next several months.

  • Thanks Hanswolfgang


  • Hey MariaRia,

    J, your coworker is approaching, coming closer to you, but still he is defending his space against expectations. Do not try to control the situation.

  • I won't. Thank you so, so much, Hanz. I really appreciate it. ❤ ❤

  • Hans, I LOVE what you said to Secretlygone; "Never commit the same mistake again and again, invent new mistakes every day. Be creative. Risk in new ways. Be risky, live dangerously, live without security and safety. Be tremendously in love with life." Did you write that? I'd like to share it on my facebook page if you don't mind - it's a very powerful thought. If you are not a writer, you should be, you ARE very insightful and demonstrate a great depth of understanding of human nature.

    Soooo, Hans, as long as I'm here, things are quite uncertain between me and my friend "R" right now. Any idea what direction his thoughts are taking at this time? I still struggle with your last advice, that we are no more than lessons to each other. Other readings and all kinds of synchronistic events, have all suggested otherwise - that this is a significant and potentially long-term relationship - just a very challenging one. Would be interested in any thoughts you have on our current situation.

  • Hey Hans,

    How's your week going? I hope it's good. I see you're still at the readings which is very cool. I've been hanging out on this thread for a few days, not saying much just watching you help's so nice of you, I guess I can't get over it lol. Do you do readings for yourself whenever your'e in a bind like the rest of us? Hope that's not a silly question lol 🙂

    In response to what you said, I figured the relationship with his ex is disappointing. But to restate what you said, it seems this is a situation where he's afraid to leave his comfort zone. I guess things are ok w/me trying to get over him...I'm really busy so I have a lot of other things on my mind! I do wonder have a question though...does he ever think of me? I'm already pretty sure of how I feel about him, but how does he feel about me?

    Also, even w/all this drama I've been dating another guy that I'm more serious with. It's just hard to develop feelings for him when they were so wrapped up in another person...What can you see about him? Is he a trustworthy individual?

    Well, I hope you're enjoying your week! I do hope to hear from you, as usual. I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way, Hans 🙂

  • Jenever7,

    I did not write that, I quoted Osho, you can share it if you write (Osho) below it.

    You have a subtle feeling about quality choosing just this words.

    This time the thoughts of your friend "R" are take the direction towards clarity, thinking himself alone and about clearing out.

    Your current situation is like children on the playground. There is spontaneity and liveliness.

    But a long-term relationship means social restrictions killing all this joy in the here and now.

  • lf245706,

    I will be no more in a bind, but when I still was also sometimes in a bind, I did readings for myself and sometimes it happened I was so correct about me I was not willing to believe myself.

    But back to yourself: He does never think about you and he feels about you as about some advisor trying to instruct him.

    This another guy is much concerned with his interests, he is more interested in contents than in social aspects. He is not a trustworthy individual.

    Thanks for your vibes..............................

  • Hello Mr.Hans

    I was just recently told that i might have the qualities of healing and empathy.

    I would like to know if this is true. Do I have this qualities in this life? Is there a way I could master this qualities. I wish to help people around me.

    Thank you so much

    Blessings 😄

  • This post is deleted!

  • alenabrz,

    I do see no more the chance of being approved. It does still hold that you would not enter civil service.

    Hasn't it changed? No.

    But it will all to your best. Remember:

    The perfectionist is bound to be a neurotic, he cannot enjoy life, until he is perfect. And perfection as such never happens, it is not in the nature of things. Totality is possible, perfection is not possible.

  • Haha, Hans you gave me a good laugh with that one. I totally see your point about children on the playground. I am disappointed that my friend feels himself alone, or did you mean thinking OF himself alone, not concerning himself about me? If you have a second to clarify that I'd appreciate it, as there is a BIG difference between if he is feeling alone (like I've abandoned him) or if he is thinking of himself alone (as in being selfish and indifferent).

    Otherwise I do see your point - fun and games may come to an end if things become too stable between us. Or maybe he sees it that way. I guess the reality is that too often relationships can go that way, turning boring and routine with time.

    Well as always Hans, thank you. I hope to hear back from you on my one question so that I can better understand what is on his mind. If he feels alone I can work on that, if he wants to be left alone...well, I guess that isn't one I can really fix. Bless you for sharing your time to help me find my own clarity in this situation.

  • Hans, I searched for Osho on my computer and have been reading about it ever since. I decided to take a minute and let you know how much I'm enjoying it. I am so glad that I asked you about your quote, I expect to learn a few things here. Thank you for that.

  • Pilot007 - the last reader was correct, he will not be honest with you, think about the difference in your age, he is NOT LOOKING for a serious long erm rlationship with you!

    He has to come to term with himself and what LOVE is he, Why else would a 59 year old date a 36 year old?

    So many think that age is not a concern but it is, the only eason he is with younger girls all the time is he has not learned the lesson he was to learn yet. He cant move on or move forwanrd until he finllay learns what love is and how to treat and respect someone else and himself.

  • Dear Hans,

    I guess you know that was not going to be the last time you hear from me. Just came out of a meeting with that same particular colleague that i have mentioned earlier. We were suppose to work on some projects together. Shockingly he turns around and say we can't seems to get along when it comes to work but although we are buddies. He is proposing to get his boss to reassign the task.

    I am just feeling hurt and lost. And i don't know how to handle this ? On the surface, since i have said there is no us, we continue working in the same company. But now with this incident, what is your advise ?


    Lost Sagi

  • Good day all,

    Is anyone able to assist me in interpreting a dream I had this morning? I dreamt that I had guests over at my house...and by the door - on the outside of the door were several persons including a drummer...who was explaining to others that the drum holds the history of all those who have played it before and that it (the drum) play rhythms without one actually touching it...he started to demonstrate and indeed a rhythm started coming from the drum...just two beats...which started low and then the tone/pitch changed and became higher and higher, eventually to that of a bird the chirping got louder and louder - almost as though the bird were getting angry...I woke up...only to still hear the loud chirping of a bird by my bedroom window...the same window I heard the sound from in my dream when I had gone inside the room to look for some old goat skin I had put away...I couldn't find the goat skin, and realized a bird was in the room - had flown in through the window. What is amazing is that as I woke up from the dream, there was actually a bird chirping around my window...I am not sure what all this means, although I suspect that I was being brought a message from my ancestral spirits.

    Interestingly also...I deciphered while in the dream state that the bird was chirping what sounded like "leave him, leave him" - I don't currently have any man in my life to leave...except if this is suggesting I leave my past and those of my past behind? There were a few key figures from my past among the guests at my house. Or could this be a warning in respect of someone I just met and am thinking a lot about? I would welcome your guidance - as always!

  • Hello Mrs. SunCappyGirl,

    it is true that you have the quality of healing. This quality do you have in this life, so live it.

    There is no way you could master this quality, let this quality master you,

    But science goes on insisting on this foolishness: that the external is true and the internal is false. It believes in matter, but it does not believe in consciousness. It says matter has validity, and science asks for objective validity. Of course the world of subjectivity cannot have an objective validity—it is so obvious. The very asking is wrong. The inner cannot come and manifest itself as the outer, but science is blind about it. And those who believe in science say that consciousness is illusory.

  • Jenever7,

    you are right, being not a native speaker, I could certainly be prone to overseeing such subtleties.

    But it is as I wrote, he thinks himself alone, he does not take you for certain as his companionship. So you can try to fix it.

    You are fortunate if you can enjoy Osho.

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