Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • Laci,

    the standstill is not with the rest of your life, but with your love part.

    And I do not see anyone in your life for the love part.

  • Dear Lost Sagi,

    you should move on, do a relocation.

    This is some kind of cruel game he is playing.

    There is no kind of connection that you need to explore.

    You have a desire for affection or love that is the stimulus that causes new relationships to be created. For this reason, there will be a new love affair or the birth of a child. This creative love energy represents an awakening of love or passion in your heart.

    On a deeper level this represents a search for something inside of your self. Perhaps it is the search for self-identity or for those things that help us to love who we are unconditionally. In order to love ourselves, we often find someone to love who reflects back to us what we are seeking within. This is why there can be a new relationship beginning.

  • Hans,

    Is that a forever not seeing anyone, or just not in the near future...I am getting a divorce from a husband who has been on drugs for apparently a long time...So I am just trying to figure out if I will ever find some one who will love me the way I love them? And if I will spend the rest of this life with them?

  • Dear Hans,

    Your interpration has given me so much light, you are right on a deeper level i am still searching for self -identity and i can't seem to find this feeling from my hubby. I have a young daughther, i love her very much. i guess the main reasons i am still in this marriage is because of her. my relationship with my hubby is not passionate nor do we fight. We have come to a stage like we are friends. i just don't know how to move forward. What should i do ? His D.O.B 9. Jun 1979, mine again 28 Nov 1972. will having a 2nd child make things matter?

    Lost Sagi

  • Dear Hans,

    I have a question reguarding my relationship i know there have been issues we have worked out and im wondering if there is something this man is still not telling me? is he still telling me lies about past situations or did he fully come clean? Thank you so much in advance!


  • hobbles76,

    do not worry. You will find some one who will love you the way you love them. And you will spend the rest of this life with them.

  • Dear Lost Sagi,

    you should allow no mischief in your presence. Try to become more independent, especially in a financial way.

    Having a 2nd child does not make things matter. This is the worst mistake many people make: We are not happy with one child, let us have two. Children are not meant to solve problems for parents.

    Indecision or worry about some money matter may be a large part of your experience. You have a strong creative energy that if you don't find some productive, creative outlet for this energies, you will inevitably feel afraid and indecisive. The key is to find ways to express yourself.

    You could getting two opportunities for work at one time or having to split your time between two projects or money-making deals. Often variety can be a blessing allowing you to explore other areas. Usually, however, lack of focus brings lack of achievement or lack of detail in one project or the other. Knowing this may help you avoid wasting this invaluable creative force.

  • Dear alonewiththesea,

    There is not something this man is still not telling you.

    He is no more telling you lies about past situations and he did fully come clean.

  • I am a capricorn, with loads of sag, rising sign libra, chinese sign monkey...........not sure about my number......could be 9, planted on a hill at 54. I love and light x

  • Hans, thank you again for all your help. The past few weeks between your insight and me deciding for now it's best that he and I don't talk, I have finally found some peace with the situation and within myself for the first time in over 6 months. I just wanted to thank you for that and being so kind and generous.

    Will he ever actually apologize to me for everything? I feel like he will, but I can never be too sure. I've gotten plenty of "i'm sorry's" but I feel like I deserve a real apology. Will he ever come clean about all his lies and what he is hiding? Or will he continue to lie and deny things?

    I'm guessing that if/when we give things a second won't actually last very long and will end pretty quickly.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    Thank you so very much for all your insight...I do tend to worry. 🙂 But I will start focusing on other things for a while... 🙂 Thank you again for all your time you have so unselfishly given to all of us on this site! 🙂 You are wonderful! 🙂

    Laci (hobbles76) 🙂

  • Dear Hans,

    Thanks again for your time and advise.


    Lost Sagi

  • secretlygone,

    He will never actually apologize to you for everything.

    He will someday come clean about all his lies and what he is hiding. But he will continue to deny things.

  • Okay, thank you Hans!!

    I don't know what to do. Lol. I don't know if I should not bother getting back together with him if/when he comes around and wants to try again. Seeing as how he's already done so much damage. If it that, getting back together with him to try again would be a good thing. It sounds like it would serve no purpose and go nowhere anyways even if I did.

  • You should bother getting back together with him.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang

    Could you please do another reading for me. I have recently met a man who I feel a real connection with who is Pisces (3/9/1954). i am Aries (9/4/192). i am confused by my feelings for him and it's all a bit intense. I must admit it has been a long time that someone has showered me with so much attention, but it has me apprehensive and am not sure whether to go with the flow or run for the hills. Is this guy for real and really for me or not?

    any advice would be appreciate, thanks so much


  • Hi Hanswolfgang-

    I have not tried this before but would you be able to give me some insight as to what is going on w/ my husband. Born 04/26/63?

  • Dear Mandy,

    this guy is really for you. Your feelings just mean you are open for him.

  • Hi Panella,

    you are cooperating good together, if you are going for a common goal.

    You have great intuition, good organizational ability and the desire to serve and nurture others with some form of knowledge or information. You have much authority and power. But your power comes more from the receptive side of your nature. You do know things before they happen and operate on a high mental vibration. You can be high strung and impatient.

    There will be success in any of the communications fields. This can help make you more receptive to your intuition and make you feel like serving others more. Also present is the nurturing quality of the mother.

  • I should or should not bother getting back together with him? I'm just clarifying cause the internet and typing can be a tricky thing! Sometimes we accidentally leave words out! Then again you could have meant should! Sorry! I just know how I sometimes leave out words! We're all human!

    He actually IMed me this morning! Very surprisingly. He just wanted to see how I was doing and such. I made sure to keep the conversation just general and upbeat. He tried a few times to take it in directions I didn't feel it should go, but I was able to successfully deflect it from going there peacefully.

    Also, there is this guy at work that I kind of have a wee crush on. He seems sweet. Anything there?

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