Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • Hello again Hanswolfgang 🙂

    First let me say thank you again for taking your time and energy to give me such great feedback in my reading. I mentioned that I would probably have some follow up questions after I let the reading marinate for a while, and as I suspected, I do. Just to remind you, my question began on page 50 of this thread and your reply was posted on page 51, in case you need to see it again after assisting so many here.

    In regards to "J", I did throughly enjoy the parable of the turtle and the scorpion! Knowing that he is simply a sociopath makes it so much easier for me to have closure and move on. Now I'm not left wondering if he was mentally ill in some way (well, I suppose he is), but I think you know what I mean. If he was bipolar or something of the sort and had a breakdown I would have felt like I failed to be there for him through an illness that he had no control over, by discarding him when what he actually needed was help and support. Evidently even sociopaths can have a genuine heart to heart exchange with another! Who knew?!! *laughing At least I can be sure that what transpired was not about me, but about him and who he is. I'm just so thankful that I saw the signs in time to save myself from what could have potentially been an extremely dangerous and detrimental situation.

    About "E", I am a little sad that he is not a soul mate, and to top it off that friendship is all you see for us in the long term, however, I am grateful to know that at a minimum he will be my friend. In addition, I suppose that a girl could still hope for more, as long as she didn't have too many expectations. At the moment we have not labeled ourselves as a "couple", but we talk daily and he spends about 5 nights a week at my house. In my mind, if it walks like a duck and squawks like a duck then it's a duck, despite the lack of a label to designate it .Is there anything else you could tell me about this relationship going forward? Is there anything about his character that I may be blinded from, positive or negative, that you think I would like or need to know?

    After you spoke about "E", you mentioned a change of location or a journey. I did just move a month ago. Is this what you are referring to or is it something different. Could you possible elaborate on that at all? I feel as though I am going on a person journey at the present time, by trying to rediscover myself, become increasingly self aware, tune into my spirituality and strengthen my intuition. I recently bought my first deck of Tarot cards and am learning about them and beginning to use them. Do you see any strength in my intuition or any abilities that I may have in the area of divination that I am not fully aware of that would be worthwhile to explore in more depth? Or, am I picking off a fruitless tree, disillusioned that there is something within me to uncover or should I say, discover?

    You called me a "Super Leo". Is that because my sun, moon, and rising are all in Leo, or is it just because I'm such a terrific person....laughing. Could you explain a little more about that? With that you said that if I am selfish enough others may benefit. I have felt guilty my entire life for being selfish in some ways, while in others, I know I am the most generous, giving, , helpful person, sometimes to my own detriment even. By this, do you mean that if I do not take care of my needs and ensure my happiness, I will not have that to give back to others? Sort of like putting the air mask on yourself as an airplane goes down, so that you can help others with theirs after. It feels like I've always been guilt-ed by others for being selfish at times, and someone has finally given me "permission", so to speak, to be so and not feel bad about it.

    A final thing or You noted a union between or partnership in work or friendship and I'm wondering if this couldn't possibly be with "E", even if we are not soul mates. I have struggled all my life to realize true happiness within me, that is part of my journey now too!

    In closing, I am wondering if in addition to answering the questions I asked specifically, would you be able to look any deeper than those and offer me any insight or vision about me and my future in the next three to six months? I am open and receptive to any and all feedback no matter how positive or negative, as I would like to use any of this information as a tool in my journey for growth and discovery as a human being.

    With warmest regards and many blessings,


  • Jenver7,

    both of you are living the lie.

    What´s going on here is exchange of the hearts.

    Things are just not running as you have them expected. You are getting much less than you had hoped for.

    He is getting out of this relationship a strong woman that can live alone and still is available for him. He is not a good person in a bad situation. If you have really learned the lesson, than you can now go your way, spontaneously, playfully, childlike, following your need for happiness. Don’t be a miser in receiving: People are miserly in giving, they are miserly in receiving too. When great gifts descend on you, you shrink away, you back away; you become afraid because those great gifts are so great that you feel you may be drowned. When bliss comes to you it is like a flood.

    He is unable to decide anything for himself, he is weak and loves your strength. All his lies are his unwillingness to be confronted with anything.

  • Sacogirl,

    about this relationship going forward means encountering each other, struggling each other. He is a man, you needs his own space, who needs his rhythm of contact and withdrawal. Disturb that and you both will suffer.

    Your move a month ago is this what I was referring. Elaborating this means you are still hurt and therefore mistrustful.

    I see strength in your intuition and no abilities that you may have in the area of divination that you are not fully aware of that would be worthwhile to explore in more depth.

    You are not picking off a fruitless tree, disillusioned that there is something within you to uncover or discover.

    Of course I called you "Super Leo", because your sun, moon, and rising are all in Leo.

    I have written enough on it, (S. 51) you should not go on expecting for more.

    Inform yourself more about being a Leo, because a Leo is just that what you wrote: Generous and selfish. Inform yourself more about astrology, especially Leo, you could know more about yourself.

    I do not mean that if you do not take care of your needs and ensure your happiness, you will not have that to give back to others.

    An union between or partnership in work or friendship with "E" could not be possible.

    About you and your future in the next three to six months I see celebrating and happiness with friends.

    Let everything come and pass, and you simply be a mirror. If you are a mirror you cannot carry the past with you, and if you don’t carry the past you will remain fresh, you will remain you, you will remain in a continuous process of birth. Each moment you will be born anew.

    What you need is experience not words!

  • Hello again Hans,

    I was wondering if you can tell me any more about my exhusband to be...Apparently he is telling some things to his mom about me not letting him see our children ( I am not at the moment because of his prior drug use)...His mother was trying to push me into letting him see them more and is pushing on a lot of issues lately...trying to blame me for the things that he is doing and going through right now...which were all of his own doing...I am wondering if the ex is actually telling the truth about anything right now, and how much longer his finances will be effecting mine...How much longer will I be nearly destitute because of him? If you have the time...

    Thank you again for all your help,

    You are very kind! 🙂

  • I knew I could count on you to lay it all out there Hans, lol. Thank you. Hmm, obviously you are right, whether it took a reading to see that or not. I guess I would even admit that I see that weakness in him, actually empathize with it having been there myself, and maybe deep down I wish that he could learn how to have greater strength from knowing me. He seems to have strong convictions but something does indeed hold him back from taking on life's biggest challenges - even when it brings him great unhappiness. And I'm not so sure that it's a case of accepting less, being miserly as you say. I myself can see a better path very clearly, I guess I just would like to see him go there with me, not even so much in a physical sense, but spiritually to be able to find a way to free himself from the things he lets hold him back. Like you describe, go forth like a child saying, "come with me it will be fun!" because there will come a point when I have to go that route. Maybe that is the point when he will finally decide to risk making a decision and confront the toughest challenge of all....himself. As always, you give me much to think about Hans. I appreciate you very much.

  • Thankyou very much Hans your insight into this is appreciated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • PLEASE......go to the thread "Wondering about the holidays" and give some support to a woman in need, Kay. A few minutes of your time, but will mean so much.


  • Hello again Hans,

    I have a very BIG problem that i need your insight on.

    I have a friend her name is monica and she is 54 yrs.old,we have been friends for almost and i've watched her spiral down hill very quickly the past 2yrs. and now i have a deep fear for her life and she is not listening to any advice,say's she will than does not.

    A little over a month ago she sold her home for very little money and either gave away or left behind all of her belongings and quit a good stable job all to move from texas to be with this 21yr.old boy from mexico.

    now everyone thought that she was totally crazy,but some thought that just maybe they would do good together.WELL...........2 weeks ago she woke up on her birthday to find him and all his stuff gone and she was devastated, she started noticing that he stole stuff,like her cell phones and things from his own family which they lived with.

    later that night she learned that he returned to mexico,which he is still there.

    I told her that i found out some things about him but was not sure if she wanted to hear them,she did so i told her that he is a player and has girlfriends in mexico and that is why he went back and when he lived in fla. he was playing with other girls too.

    so she took the info. and started doing her own investagating and called me the next day and said that everything that i told her was right and more.

    i asked her to plz.come back to fla.and that she can stay with me,i told her that i feel that the longer she stayed in tex. the more danger she is putting herself in.

    she was supose to leave yesterday but said that it was storming really bad all day and night and that she thinks that it was god telling her not to leave?

    I think that it was just another one of her excuses and i feel that she is not ever coming back and i have a very strong feeling that tex. or him will be her dizmize.

    I really feel that i mentally can not be her friend anymore,i feel so drained after i talk to her,and i feel that her soul is to lost even for a friend to help her.?

    why is she living a lie?will she ever come clean and stop lieing herself?

    is she beound help?

    is what i'm sencing right? I think that maybe alot of the stress from this is also unbalancing me,and i really want to break free from her but i still keep holding onto her?

    sorry this post is so long,thank-you again for you insight.



  • Hobbles76,

    your ex is actually not telling the truth about anything right now.

    As long you have forgotten the beauty ohf your very being his finances will be effecting yours.

    You will as long be nearly destitute because of him as long you remain cold outside of your inner heart just dragging yourself along without any togetherness.

  • Dosstier,

    regarding your son, I see a kind of accident.

    Concerning those other types of relationships where business and philanthropy are regarded, that might happen and is a good thing.

  • patricia1970,

    she will never come clean, but she will stop lieing herself. She is not beyond help. What you are sensing is not right. She is living a lie because she is in love.

    Anything that manifests, is hidden in the same thing from which it manifests.

  • Hello Again Hans,

    I wrote to you on another thread, you answered, told me my head was "full of garbage, totally useless." I know you're right and I've been trying so hard to get beyond everything. I've been mediatating, praying, writing for hope in these forums. I just can't seem to get to the peace and to find love I so desperately want from a man, I have it from children and grandchildren but I want love from a man, a man only for me, to feel like a woman.

    Enough of those fairy tales, what I would really like to know is about you. Who is Hans Wolfgang? Where did these answers for so many come from, are you alone, are you happy, what's your life like? I'm really interested because I see you spend so much time for so many others, what about you? How do I achieve what you have? Confidence, insight, knowledge?

  • I would like to ask you if you see me and this guy that I've been with, do you see us seeing eachother for awhile? We are not in a serious relationship.

    Thank you!!

    my d.o.b. is 04-27-79

    his is 07-22-83

  • Dear Hans,

    Thank you for the confirmation that the ex is not telling the truth...I felt that in my heart already, but I have a difficult time trusting my own intuition. 🙂 I am not sure what you mean about my own beauty other than perhaps as long as I trust in others instead of myself that is how long it will take for me to be free of others influences on my finances? And as far as the cold outside my inner heart, I think I get that too...I am feeling a little broken quite often, and having a hard time loving myself more than others...Am I interpreting this correctly? 🙂

    Thanks again for your kindness! 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi. I can tell that there is somebody,just you must look around you,not in the mirror.your expectation are will not be single any more after Christmas,but be open to somebody who is looking after your frendship for a long time, give a chance,you will be surprised.

    all my bests.


  • Hi anything to look forward in my love life please ? I have good sefl esteem still love evades me always ..

  • Dear Hans,

    Thank-You so much for your insight,last-night my friend called me in the evening to tell me that she was going to wait til this morning to leave and that she still had not heard from that guy,i told her to quit fooling herself,he was not coming back,and i still senced danger.but that its her life and its time she starts living it for herself.

    well she calls me again a little befor 11p.m. this time scared,and wanting my help.

    she learned that this guy was still in mexico and with his girlfriend, she said that is enough,i can not do this anymore,i'm going back home to fla.

    then his family that she was staying with was trying to make her stay by standing with her car door open and not letting her close it,i seen that i had missed her call min.s prior to this happening,so that is when i called her back at 11,this is the danger that i senced,these people was not going to let her leave,then she put me on speaker and something that i said made them back off enough so she could close her door.

    she is now on her way back home,she's trying to stay positive,i can hear in her voice that now she has alot of anger towards this guy,which is normal.

    just maybe she will be o.k. ? if she can break this cycle of settling for abusing guys.

    but i have my douts.

    just wanted to up date you on what had happened.

    thanks for sharing your gift,happy thankgiving.



  • Hi, can you do a reading for me please , and tell me what my sun and moon risings are.

    I was born on 8-22-1947 at around in brooklyn new york.

    I do appreciate this very much . thanks

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