Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • can u do my reading plzz...15 july 1983

  • HIya again Hanswolfgang,

    I have been thinking over what you have told me and I have something I need to have clarification on.......when will Darren appear back in my life and will there be trust and honesty with it.


    T xx

  • Hanswolfgang, awsome. What kind of meditation do you do? I do the latihan,

    Do you see me and my future? I seek to become a healed soul, and I seek true friends whom I have this healing power in common with. I am an isolated subud member, and are hoping that my husband and a couple of friends will join. My life would be so much better then. And I do believe it will happen. I have been going through a healing process, and feel that the time is now to be social and follow my dream. Can you see my future? I would love to get confirmed, once and for all that I will have company soon.Although what I mostly seek is peace in my soul before I die.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Wonderful postings you have had! Very impressed! I almost hate to ask, I feel like I would be taking advantage, but if you would be so kind to let me know if you have any insight as to my future with the man i am in love with. I would like to private message you, but that isnt' an option here. I get from your posts that you are psychic or you are doing tarot readings? It's not clear to me.

    I would be more than happy to trade a tarot reading for your insight though! I can read for others well, and I can even use a pendulum, although I find it limiting with yes/no answers, and things can change so quickly, that the answers often do too.

    I however do not feel comfortable reading for myself, always afraid that what I "want" is going to influence the reading.

    If it helps, I am a pisces girl, and the man I love is a virgo. (I know, I know 🙂

    Thanks so much!


  • lovinmylife,

    I can understand. It is not easy. But you both were together more to be not alone than to be really together. Your situation now is a blessing in disguise. If you can relax in this situation which you do not like an understanding can arise in you. Learn to be happy alone, than you can share your happiness with others.

  • quenkath

    Hi! You should go for love, real love, not just thinking of love. Real falling in love here now, not being pragmatic and real and planning for the future.

    Am I saying that by staying in your marriage, you are making the wrong choice? Yes!

    Get more in harmony with yourself, be more balanced, being female and being male, yin and yang, both. Get more centered. Not just emotion, right, but not only in the head. Heart-Feelings, Love, are not emotions. Emotions are also a sort of thinking. No, the heart means intuition, trust into yourself, in your energy.

    If you are in harmony with yourself, then is it time to reach out for the other, to share your harmony with the other.

  • Hi, monyna,

    despite the current obstacles, this person was brought into your life and perception for a reason, but there is no future for you.

    You can learn with K to explore your inner rhythm of withdrawal and contact. But each of you should remain apart defending himself/herself against all the expectations arising out of contact.

    What is going on is that you have now to discover your goal in this life which is worth putting all your energy in reaching to this goal. It is important to think over priorities: What is really important for you? Do not get scattered with to many petty things.

  • Hans I know Im up next. I would like to add to my question. What would be best for my children?

  • MsScorp,

    I see this relationship not lasting, you have waited already too long.

    You have isolated yourself too much. First you need friends, boys or girls, does not matter, but friends, to meet and celebrate together, to laugh and talk together. When you are happy in your little group of friends, then you will know when to move on und where.

  • Thank you! I really do appreciate your time!

  • pilot007,

    your Exboyfriend is not expanding his business.

    He is going to let some people go.

    What decisions will he make regarding the negative troublesome employees that work for him? He will try to be the boss, but in a indirect way.

    He is in love with his business, he is giving his heartblood for that business, he is very emotional about that. He does not want to give up, could become a sort of frenzy, a little masochistic perhaps, concerning for instance negative troublesome employees.

  • littlemoon1,

    your problem is imprisonment in a relationship. guarding each other and supressing your energy.

    Love your life more and let it not be tied up in being dominated and clinging to attachments.

  • Hi talisa72,

    Darren will appear back when your wound is going to heal. Then there will be trust and honesty with it.

  • TheHangedWoman,

    Latihan is a good beginning, very cleansing, a good start into the world of meditation, but not the end. If you are healed, if the weed is taken out, the need for seeds will arise.

    My meditation is: I only do that what I enjoy. (

    I see you getting out of your grave, becoming spontaneous and lively.

    I do not see your future, but I can confirm you that you will have company soon. This will come unexpected, your life will soon change beyond your expectations.

  • This post is deleted!

  • lyvwyrz


    thanks for your loving post.

    It is very important for you that you are going now your own way. If the man you are in love with is ready and able to go with you, good, but you should not make compromises concerning your way.

    You can contact me via my weblogs, my profiles, e.g. :

    I am not a psychic, I am doing just tarot readings.

    I would love to get a tarot reading and I know those problems with the mind and the ego influencing the pendulum and influencing the reading of cards.

    Because of that I dropped working with the pendulum and I developed a method for working with the tarot without interpretation i.e. without being influenced by wishful thinking.

    I would be more than happy to trade a tarot reading for your insight though! I can read for others well, and I can even use a pendulum, although I find it limiting with yes/no answers, and things can change so quickly, that the answers often do too.

    But this relationship you asked me about, it will not be easy. There will be depression. He wants a family, you want to move on, you want emotional domination and, ask yourself, is he not very similar to your father, do you not perhaps project your father on him? He wants more security with your help, more success, so there is much unclarity (pisces ;-), you should look closer, a little more rational like a virgo.

  • and, Tina, you should not stumble over:

    I would be more than happy to trade a tarot reading for your insight though! I can read for others well, and I can even use a pendulum, although I find it limiting with yes/no answers, and things can change so quickly, that the answers often do too.

    I forgot to cut it out, it was part of your message.


  • MsScorp,

    very clever! Right, but I am too slow.

    Your children need a strong mother or a woman like a mother. They need a mother which is more rational with them, which helps them to understand what is going on. They want clear limits, so they can have a structure which gives them securitiy.

  • Hiya Hanswolfgang

    The wound you mention, is it a wound from Darren or is there another challenge coming that I must face? And, with Darren's return is it for a limited time or long term?

    Loe and blessings

    T xx

  • Hanswolfgang, I am my mother. Can I fix this, will i fix this?

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