Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • THW,

    Is this woman from your country? Is it possible that she knows you from Subud?

  • I have thought perhaps I gave her my real name, but when I double checked, I hadnt. And I do remember going into my yahoo mailbox to copy my THW-address into the post to give her it. Also, I dont feel it is her when I read her mails. She feels different that when I read her text in the forum. But that has not been the case with the others I have gotten contact with. So I think this is not her. It is making me feel uncomfortable.

  • You can always block her as a sender if it's making you feel really uncomfortable. You can block her and have the emails bounce back where they came from.

    Perhaps it might be worth asking how this person knows your name and where they got your email address from.

    Hope you get it sorted.


  • Could you do a forecast for me also? I would like to know how can i make this feeling away; is sitting down and clearing the air going to help us. Will he be open and honest with me when we sit down and talk.

    My D.O.B. 28-11-72

  • hi cris 1962. you are back is your life, i was worried, good luck! if you read this kindly leave me a message! god bless.

  • Hi,could you also do a read for me please? My birthdate is 04-11-80...Any info on where life, love, etc is going would be very helpful. Thank you.


  • cris1962,

    I am not saying you won't move out of the marital home until 9 August and that the house I move to will have red somewhere, but search for signal red.

    To make sure she comes out of this all right, you have to care about her hopes, her goals, and then try to check it out with her, how your hopes and her hopes, your goals and her goals can go together.

    Otherwise you are supposed to make the same choice you made eight years ago: stay for her sake until she is no longer dependent on you.

  • secretlygone,

    It is not possible that he and you will have a child in the future.

    But yes, by not talking to him he will straighten up and come to you at some point and want to talk and give things another try.

    You know, you have to understand him also: Being in Iraq means fearing for his life, trying to survive, that is just such a existential change, that all other things just become secondary. So let him time, that all this can settle in him.

  • TheHangedWoman,

    I do not understand that either, but you have nothing to fear. The internet is a vast ocean. Think again, maybe googling your name or mail adress one could come on any other site or blog or profile where one could find such informations. Try it by yourself and see what one could find out about you.

  • Yeah, I have been trying to understand. Before he left he told me he wanted to break up because he needed to have his head there and not at home worrying about someone. And that if something happened to him, he didn't want to leave me behind. So on, so forth.

    Just lately I feel really slighted because ever since I stopped talking to him he just seems oh-so happy with the other girl. Or maybe it's just a front he is putting up, I do not know. I'm just tryingn to take space for myself to get myself and life back on track and give him space. Before I never, ever contacted him first. For the past 6 months since he has been gone he initiated conversation every day and I merely just responded. Yet, I know between the stress of trying to get my own life back on track and missing him, we seemed to argue a loooot....which is ultimately why I just decided that for now until he straightens up and gets his head straight and until I can de-stress and take care of some things in my life, that perhaps it's better we do not talk.

  • Wenchie

    you are a strong woman and I thank you.

  • Hi Hans (again)

    Thanks for that. The one thing that worries me though is that both hubby and I want to move on as soon as possible. It's more him now who wants the split so we can "get on with things".

    I honestly don't think I could see out another three years under these circumstances, even for my daughter's sake, having done so for eight already. She has said she wants to go and live where my best friend lives in Tasmania and is talking seriously about doing it at the end of next year. I've asked her to hang off on that until then, and we'll re-assess the situation as I'm sick of never having really good friends around me I can rely on, and this one in Tasmania is one I can rely on through thick and thin, and she me. I'm certainly not going to ignore her hopes and wishes; fifteen she may be, but she has a mind of her own, and is an aspect of her which her father needs to take more seriously.

    Anyway, if you see anything else I might need to know about this situation, please let me know! And thanks again for the time you've taken here :))

  • peeca,

    you can make this feeling away, if you are just natural living your womanhood without any vanity.

    Sitting down and clearing the air is going to help you. He will be open and honest with you when you sit down and talk.

    You have a solid sense of values. When you know exactly what it is you want, you tend to attract those things to you more quickly. Thus, if you have gotten clear about what you want, then you get it. Satisfaction and prosperity is indicated.

  • Hi Laci,

    in your life there is a standstill, the way is blocked. In your life you are suspicious and mistrusting, keeping distance.

    But there will be measurable success in one of the mind-related fields or endeavors. This could be publishing or teaching or other areas where large groups are benefiting from your talents and mental brilliance. Recognition for your talents and efforts will be coming.

    Essentially you are a 'teacher'. It means spreading knowledge or information to large groups of people. You could be one of those in the publishing, radio or television businesses where much information is being distributed to large numbers.

  • Hans, I'm back again and with some knowledge. As I learn more about the laws of the Spirit and working on my alienation issues is there any way you can give me a time frame on when me and my kids will be moving out?

  • hi Hans,

    This'll be quick but I wanted to drop in and say thanks for answering my follow-up questions. As always, I appreciate it! It's a little disheartening to hear (or read) that you don't see me moving on, but you see what you see, don't you? I can definitely admit that I've been a little stubborn with this whole thing, and maybe wishful thinking has blocked my judgment. I just hate to think that I wasted time, energy and genuine feelings on this guy, but it may very well be the truth. I guess the hardest part for me is that I never got any closure, The whole disappearing acts that cancers apparently like to's rough on someone like me who wants to know why. Even if I can't maintain our relationship, I'd at least like to know what the heck is going on so I can have some peace of mind. I actually think that's part of the problem with me moving on...I never seem to really know what's going on with him or how he's feeling.

    That being said, can you see anything that may be happening in his life? I know that he wants to be alone, etc., but is he having a hard time with his family and personal relationships? I sense that he is...What do you see about his (7/13/82) relationship with his ex (12/5/80). Is there still really (romantic) love there, and if so, is it lasting?

    Don't take these questions to mean I'm not trying to move on. Honestly, I'm trying to take those steps every day. It's just harder when all I have is my POV. I just want to know what his situation is more clearly so that I can at least feel like I have his perspective. And I hope that'll help me with this process!

    As always, let me know when you have the time and if you decide to follow up. Sending positive vibes your way and lots of appreciation 🙂

  • I am actually studying and going to school to become a teacher right now...I am a mother of two and obviously teaching them! Thank you for the reading! That is pretty amazing...As a follow up question, Is the standstill with the rest of my life? My love part? And do you see anyone in my life for the love part? If so who and how long before I will meet him?

    Thank you again for the help,

    🙂 Laci 🙂

  • Dear Hans,

    Thanks so much for taking time to read for me, i have tried to straighthen things but he feels it is not necessary. I did not realized all this while he feels that way and him saying i am on denial mood is rather confusing. I am just feeling uncomfortable knowing that he has such feelings about us. . In the begining i only feel empathy for him. But recently i start to think of him alot and miss him. What should i do ? Is this some kind of cruel game he is playing. Or there is some kind of connection that we need to explore. Please help! My D.O.B 28.11.72 and his 21.05.74.

    Lost Sagi!

  • MsScorp,

    the time frame on when you and your kids will be moving out: 6th of may.

  • Hi lf245706,

    family may be happening in his life.

    And he is not having a hard time with his family and personal relationships.

    The relationship with his ex is disappointing. There is no more really (romantic) love, and because of this it is not lasting.

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