Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • hanswolfgang,

    greetings, kidly lift the veil and express what is given with my meeting a quite uiqque heart interest.


  • HW - thanks very much for your insight. While it does not completely make sense to me just yet, I hope in time it will. Thank you again!

  • Good evening Hanswolfgang,

    I am hoping you could help me too, please. Never had a reading before and not sure what to ask or what info to give. 😞

    I would like to know if ex cancer man still has feelings for me. Would he return to my life at all?

    Anything that i should do from my side? Good or bad i would like to know please.

    Thanking you in advance.


    Oh, my birthdate 1962 May 4th

  • secretlygone,

    yes, I use Rider-Waite-Tarot cards when I do my readings. I have been practicing since 1981-

    Of course I am often wrong, at least I think so, because not many people give me a feedback about my "wrongs". But on the other side for the tarot wrong must not mean wrong, because the tarot is like a master, sometimes the wrong is right for some people. Or should the tarot say a murderer where he can find his victim? Just a example...

    I do one after another, and I have developed a very fast method, because I am used to answer people on the way, everywhere I go and there is not much time and space.

  • Andherson,

    the link between your vision and your friend is the world. It is your love for love being against obfuscation of feeling.

    The conversation means you are respected as a strong woman, not because of relationships.

    But often men have problems with strong women....

  • Andherson,

    yes I have some advice for you: This is a very good development. Trust in life is so important. You now feel the call of the unknown and you can now move on your way, but your mind will try to hold you back, having many arguments, calling you irrational and so on. Do not listen to your mind, listen to your heart and trust your hara. The mind is always in fear of the unknown, because it cannot control it, but there is where your home is.

  • Ahh very interesting to know! You've been practicing a long time! Wow! I'm trying to learn my deck. Not the best deck for beginners, but they called to me very strongly so I picked them. (Adrian Tarot Deck).

    Okay one last question for you (pertains back to my previous readings from the other night) and i'm only asking cause I just tried to do a little reading for myself, but like I deck isn't the easiest for me to understand quite yet. Haven't gotten a full feel for my cards.

    So my ex and I will get back together, eventually? Will he want to see me when he comes home on leave in a few months? Since we are currently deciding to not speak for a while. Is he still in love with me? Is he in love with the other girl?

    Ah! Sorry to hassle you! I tried doing a Past, Present, and Future reading for these questions myself. Lol. Thank you!!

  • Rikku226,

    Physically your son is not in danger!

  • SherryBlossom,

    yes, you and this capricorn man will be more than just friends.

    Also you will reconcile with your ex-boyfriend, but you will not get back together again someday.

    This is a now good time for you to plan to start something new.

  • Hi lf245706,

    your current love life is dominated by hope.

    You are wasting your time on that guy you've been pining after for quite some time now.

    He does care for you like he says he does and he will commit, but your hope goes in another direction. There is something or someone in the future still waiting for you.

  • lf245706,

    *sorry, but he looks too much for that what is wrong and too less for that what is right. He is bound for grieve over, about, for something ignoring the happy aspects of life.

  • Hello alenabrz,

    if your marriage is really a happy one (which is very rare) than try to be more in love with your man and to have more togetherness and exchange with him.

    No, you are going to be approved in the exams you intend to take next year in order to enter the public service. But despite that you will maybe not enter the public service.

    But please do not worry, you are on your way, even if the situation does not look like change. The real change has to happen inside of you, and when this inner change has happened, outer changes have to follow.

  • turac,

    you are unconsciously seeking to project your mother onto your heart interest. So you are bound to be dominated (at least in a emotional way) by your heart interest. She will dominate you as your mother did.



  • Good night angel011,

    your ex cancer man has no more feelings for you.

    He would not return to your life at all.

    Please go on your own way, try to feel your energy and what the next step will be for you.

    You are a woman who likes to live and act extravagantly and who often spends beyond your means. Service through money is your motto. But watch out for a tendency to spend beyond your budget, because you do like only the very best of everything, even if you cannot afford it.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Thanks again...Namaste for your giving nature...and remember to nurture self...

    Interesting movements today as I trusted my heart...reached out to Mr Virgo by messenger and felt a shudder just before he replied...I felt the shudder then my phone vibrated with the incoming messages. We had an easy talk, and as I suspected, he's burned I offered a prayer for ease...I didn't care what anyone else including my head would say...just went to heart and reached out from there...and moments of "coincidence" started shortly after as I was leaving my office, he was coming in at the same time...and looked over twice...even noticing that seems irrational to my Virgo and logical mind...but as committed, I will feel the warmth and vibration of heart...home...and flow as it leads! Just feel deeply now, that he needs my unconditional loving friendship as he comes to terms with his realities and strain...

    Thanks for helping to lead me to this place...


  • secretlygone,

    good luck with your Adrian Tarot deck, but for me this is not really a tarot deck. You see most of the new tarot decks are just ego trips of some artists or spiritual thinkers (not mystics) who thought themselves capable to create a tarot deck. They were not able to understand the tarot deeply, but just projected their own ideas onto it. A real tarot has to speak to you with simple pictures and symbols which really function with your unconscious. But those artists and thinkers did (if at all) know their subconscious, but not the common unconscious, which should be the place from where the tarot cards should work on you. Mr. Waite was a mystic initiated into the rosicrucian order which had true traditions about the secret of the tarot. So if you really want to work and learn with the tarot, there is nothing better than the Rider-Waite-Tarot. All other more or less fanciful tarot decks can enhance your fantasies, but cannot go deep into your unconscious, and in fact the tarot should be the medium through which your unconscious should speak to you.

    Now to your questions:

    Yes, your ex and you will get back together, eventually.

    But he will not want to see you when he comes home on leave in a few months, since you are currently deciding to not speak for a while.

    For the time being he is not in love with you and he is not in love with the other girl.

    You tried doing a Past, Present, and Future reading for these questions yourself. Lol. With these cards you only could read what the book or booklet had to say to you, but the cards remained silent, I suspect. Lol.

  • I've been thinking about getting a Rider-Waite-Tarot deck because I have heard that it comes highly recommended by some people. Especially for people new to the tarot, such as myself. And yes, my cards stayed silent and I could only read what the booklet had to say. I am finding that, that is often my problem with these cards. Also why i've been thinking about trying out the Rider-Waite-Tarot deck and seeing how I do with that instead.

    Thank you for yours answers and insight! One very, very last question (I promise! and I always keep my promises!) Will he ever fall in love with me again?

    That is all! And as always, thank you so very much!

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Am I too late?:-) Are you still helping good people with readings?))) If it is not too much to ask, will you please help me with my question? I wonder when I will get the job I want so much and for so long? My DOB is 12/26/68.

    Greatly appreciate your kindness and talent.

  • HansWG,

    Thanks so much, I truly appreciate it. I was looking forward to hearing from you because I've never had a reading done before and I was curious as to what you could see about this situation. Have to say I definitely agree with you on the fact that my love life is dominated by hope. I can't help it!'s amazing I can be so sensible and realistic as a Virgo, but I dream big. Can I ask for clarification on something? You said he does care for me (I thought/hoped so) and that he will you think that would be any time soon? Do you even mean he'd commit to me? I feel as though he must be going through a lot right now internally, I just sense it. He's been through a lot and I feel like issues from his past hold him back. Do you think he'll ever get over that negative attitude you seem to sense he has...again, his DOB is 7/13/1982. Everything is so's like I'm (DOB 8/30/1988) competing for him w/his "ex" (DOB 12/5/1980)...Do you see anything about this situation? If not, that's okay---I can't help but be curious though. Sometimes I feel like I sense things so strongly about this crazy love triangle and I want to know if you, having your abilities, sense anything similar. Even if you don't respond (I know you have a lot to get back to on this thread), I just want to let you know I'm appreciative. Thanks you so much. 🙂

  • Hi again Hans,

    Hope you are well?

    Sorry to bother you again. i have one more request if you have time. You said he is overwhelmed by his desires. My gut feeling tells me he is waiting for a positive sign from me before making another move. I could write a whole newspaper about what leads to the situation, would not want everything on a public forum, .... bottomline i only know my side of the story and that is so frustrating.

    Question is, should i reach out?

    Can you see me and ex BF together again at some stage?

    As another poster commented.... not a lot of people give of themselves the way you do.

    Blessings friend.


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