Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • hanswolfgang I am new to these (or any)forums, today is my first day and I really needed it and of course it was fateful the way I came across this today as well, so I have been here for hours and came upon your thread and wow you have helped so many people! Firstly I wish for you happiness and health in all you do, you are so kind to help so many people and give of yourself so freely, that is a too uncommon thing in this world.

    hi my name is Rikku and as many others have expressed I feel bad to ask but have some really burning questions and when I do my own readings I am always afraid I will not be true enough to myself to be sure I am getting the message ( you know what I mean?) We as humans tend to block out what we don't want to face. Being a Pisces you can square that lol. I am a Pisces DOB 2/26/70 9:47am Newburgh, NY Scorpio moon Taurus ascending if you take any of that into consideration. If you are so inclined to help (for which I would be truly grateful) here are my questions.....

    My relationship with my mother is volatile to say the least and I am currently staying away from her, she is also causing issues when she sees my 9 year old son so I have been keeping him at a distance from her as well. Something I do not want to do for his sake and hers. I am very saddened by the fact that she cannot seem to ever love me and that she is always trying to do things against me. Will this situation ever rectify or do I need to get over it and move on, is my son safe around her?

    In addition I have suffered physically with a degenerative spinal issue for years with no improvement. I am against western medicine, but feel trapped in the system of dealing with Drs that do not really care or listen and surgeries & medications that don't work and have so many stigmas attached I feel judged all the time. Not to mention the physical side effects. Currently I suffer with no medication and a looming surgery date which will be expensive with no guarantees it will help the only guarantee is it wont be the last. Is there a path I can take that can help in this area?

    Lastly, my relationship with my husband has been suffering due to the stress of the above and the complications and financial burdens that come along with. I suffered for 6 mos with what they determined were ulcers after running every test in the book. I truly thought I was going to die during that time. I was so sick and weak and just wouldn't get better. I was literally bed bound due to vomiting for days and the subsequent weakness & recovery time only to be repeated again within a couple of weeks. That has seemingly been rectified with OTC ulcer medication. It seemed to remind me very frankly I had lost my spiritual path in the mundane. The universe spoke and I got it the hard way! It did cause my husband to lose work to take care of me my son and our pets and home. But there is so much tension and negative energy I feel coming at me. Do you see our financial situation (possible relocation) and our relationship getting better? I am 39 this is my only marriage and I want it to survive, I want us to be happy again and for my Son to have a happy childhood. You know the one I didn't get.

    Any help insight or suggestions would put a very worried mind at ease.

    I know this is lengthy and I apologize for my wordiness it's a curse since I could speak/write lol

    I thank you in advance if you read this if you cannot (perhaps it's because I need to get it on my own, just not too trusting of my current judgement) I thank you for all the help you have already given so many. You are a blessing to those you have touched and I am thankful to have found this thread. Blessed be to you!

  • Wow, thanks Hans! That made a lot of sense to me.

    --"The best way to act in the situation between you and that guy you like is to embed this situation in a larger context, to imply the whole group, which you both are a part of."

    Do you mean the other people we work with? Like....I should invite him out with other people so he'll be more comfortable, instead of just trying to get the two of us alone?

    "--The problem is, that you think, you would find your peace by change, but at the same time you are convinced by your so-called spiritual values, thinking you could not master your future without that."

    You mean my Rock Solid Morals?? LOL. At one point, I was thinking of loosening up a little and compromising with him, but I figured he wouldn't want to. It's just....I'll be uncomfortable if i compromise my values too much. I want him to respect me, and if I lose those then I wont feel respected. You know??

    Thank you so much, this is so helpful!

  • Oh, and Hans....when you said he's thinking competition in regards to us....what do you mean? He feels like HE'S competing....or he's deciding between other girls?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi....... There is lot of movement and change around you, so a new relationship is not the upmost important thing in your life for the next two months. November and December should be enjoyed with family and friends and your focus will be fine tuning plans around study and work. Third week of the new year brings opportunitues to work and study - freeing up of time and lightening of your mood. An old friend with the initial E gets back in touch. Common interests will, maybe sport will find you both at a local gathering where you will meet your new mate. Just around Feb 14th. A slow burner. Take the lead, this lady needs an assertive but gentle partner. I feel she is an earth sign . Mousey blonde hair, 5ft 6, brown eyes and works in a catering. March I feel this relationship moving on. Good sense of humour and trust developing. I see holiday in Wales or connections with that area. Thoughts of past hurts and sadness from a previous relationshoip fade, as realization things were not as rosey as you thought. April - May things coming to a head at home, a move of house is certain. The name "TWAIN" is given around the hse situ. This all happens fairly quickly and smoothly. In approx 6-7 wks. You are feeling positive and happy. Worries over a young family member - come to nothing. "He was in the wrong place at the wrong time". My guides tell me that you need to conserve your energy and not have too many plates spinning at the same time. In solitude you can regather your thoughts, try not to be needy and learn to love yourself. Blessings from Millies xxx

  • Hello Milliesent,

    Could you do a reading for me in relation to my love life and whether the person I have been introduced to is really ready for pursuing a relationship? He's been going through a rough time emotionally before meeting me, and I'm not sure if now is a good time to even pursue anything more than fiendship. My BD is 30.08.70 and his is 15.09.?? (i dont know the year )

    Thanks much

  • Thank you so much for the reading, however, I don't quite get it, is there love in the future with someone else? Wat about this relationship not in future? I want to know what is for me in the future as for as moving forward. Again thank you for the reading

  • Could someone please do a reading for me. I have tried others but get very vague answers. I have been seperated from my husband for a over a year, but neither one of us wants a divorce. We are supposed to move in together sometime soon and I really want to be with him because I do love him. My problem is I can't be one hundred percent sure if he has been faithful or not. I can't be with someone who isnt faithful. My birthdate is 4/1/1976 and his is 9/25/1982. Thank you so much for any help and advice.

  • Could anyone read this for me please?

    My wife left me for another guy, she is continually trying to connect with me by facebook, 'accidental' text meant for someone else (basically she keeps trying to rub salt in the wounds about how 'happy' she is with the new guy)

    She won't let me see my 2 kids now, both under 2 years, my boy is just 7 months.My dad died in June this year, everything has gone wrong, but my wife so loved me, even said so a week before we split!

    I al;ways loved her, never cheated on her, but it's all gone so bad. Can anyone please help me with a reading,I'm so desperate to know the truth. Does she still love me,and will I get to see my kids soon (main query)

    II'd be so grateful if someone could spare the time to help...



  • Oh and to go along with my request for a reading, which is towards the end of page 16, (because I really, really, really need one.) my DOB is 7/10/87 and his is 12/12/87.

    Thank you!

  • HW - seems you are pretty spot on for most here. Was hoping I could trouble you for a quick reading. Recently got out of a relationship with a scorpio (10/24/75) and am interested to know what the future holds for me romantically. My dob is 6/1/74. I have only recently begun doing tarot myself and so am not sure if what I've interpreted is accurate or not. Interested to see what you come up in comparison to my own. Many thanks and blessings to you!

  • Thank you Mr. Hans for considering us friends 😄

    Thank you so much for the reading XD


  • talisa72,

    concerning the general aspects of your life it is time to get out of your grave. Come back to life again regaining your spontaneity.

    Therefore it is wise for you to contact darren!

    You will feel strong impulses coming from outside and you should follow, go with the flow.

  • Andherson,

    concerning your relating to the fellow Virgo: Just go for that what you are aiming for. Drop your ego and your pride and follow your energy finding the way for the next move to move the process along.

  • taurusgirl1974,

    a friend is not a burden and does not bother me.

    1. Your going for custody of your niece next year will not be successful.

    2. Chris's friends will not stop causing you trouble and will not let you be together happy.

    3. You will not hear from Chris before Christmas.

    In friendship


  • secretlygone,


    Think of yourself as an empress and believe in your ability to make your way.

    You pretend to be traditional but it is restricting you.

    You are so discontented now, you should wait and be open for new unexpected possibilities being just around you.

    You should give up, but not move on. Just walk away, that is important, but do not forget about him and talk to him after a while.

    You can end up getting back together, but not getting married.

    You should take any course of action you like, you should believe in your intuition and not blockade yourself

    He does not mean what he says and he is just leading you on, but there is no other girl or something else.

    As long you are without trust, you cannot really comprehend. Trust in life and life will give you just that what you do need.

  • Hi Wenchie,

    yes, I noticed that and answered.

    But your playing safe here motivates me for another advice:

    Your hope (for a family) has nothing to do with your very being.

    You are projecting your originality in a far away illusion.

    Get in contact with your inside.

  • Thank you Hans! Very insightful!

    So, if he doesn't mean what he says, why should I not move on? I mean, I know there is a girl in the picture who he "loves" and has for a long time. She often caused problems in our relationship. She has been quite obsessed with him for years and he gets easily attached to people so he keeps her around. They are good friends. She is the reason I am worried about. Do you have any idea what he is saying that he does not mean? He says a lot of things. Such as that he still loves me with all his heart and wants to try and work things out when he comes home. But then at the same time he tells me that I should just move on and it's for the better and that even if it bothers him, he doesn't care. It's all very confusing and i've been trying to figure out which parts of what he says, he means. Whether it's the still loving me, or the not caring. Is he leading me on to believe he really doesn't care or that he wants to work things out? His mother just thinks he's really confused and that being in Iraq is messing with his head more. She still says she believes we will end up back together and married someday. She's very...spiritual and connected. She also believes we knew each other from previous lives. i had a friend doing a quick past life reading for me not too long ago and they too said the same thing.

    Sorry for the continued questions!

  • Hi Rikku,

    please do not feel bad, because that would let me feel bad.


    his is one of the paradoxes of life: Just those who are doubtful about their readings about themselves are those who mostly are right about themselves.

    This situation you asked about will rectify. You do not need to get over it and move on, but your son is not safe around her.

    Concerning yourself there is no path you can take that can help in this area. You have first to fend off all the expectations directed against you or towards you. Defend yourself, your space, your opinion. Then out of yourself the path will arise, your body knows what to do. You have to learn to listen to your body and not to all the others outside of you.

    Your financial situation and your relationship will not getting better, until there is a relocation which will come.

    You have got violations and injuries and there is much anger in you, waiting to come out. This poisons your body. Learn to act it out without harming other people. Dynamic meditation would be of help for you. All that have made you very untrustful, but you should try to trust in life. Life is ready to care for you, otherwise I would not have answered.

    In fact, you are powerful, you have physical and will power. You will find yourself experiencing more power over your health and work matters. Success is indicated, along with the ability to overcome any obstacles that may appear in your way. Power comes from a focusing of your will, a narrowing down of the areas of your interest. Because of this, you often lose focus in less important areas while you gather force in one.

    Learn to meditate!

  • Hanswolfgang,

    You are a kind and gentle soul...Blessings. Thank you for your help regarding the Virgo man...I will seek the guidance within as you have suggested...dropping ego and pride and judgement...that indeed is the way of love, is it not?

    Your suggestion resonates...I often give up on things I wish or dream for out of fear and thanks for pointing the way to more release that needs to be done...Bless you....

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