Could anyone do a reading for me please

  • how is the next 6 months of my life going to be. I have been single for some time will this continue. I would be grateful if anyone can give me some indication of how rough or smooth my path will be. Thanks Im a Saggitarius

  • The next 6 months of your life you will have still to wait.

    The only thing that remains for you, are your problems. Meditation would lead you out there. You have to bring your innermost out.

    But then your being single will not continue. You will fall in love.

    Your problem is, you cannot see your path. Listen to advices and don´t be nihilistic. You may seem to be lost, but you are not.

  • Could you do a forecast for me also? I would like to know if I will hear from my exboyfriend soon; and, if he will be open and honest with me when we sit down and talk.

    My D.O.B. 4-21-73

  • I would like you to guide me also and give me some direction. Thank you for your time. Peace x

  • Yes, pilot007, you will soon hear from your exboyfriend. But he will not be open and he will not be honest, when you will sit down and talk.

  • Good azure2, you are ready to be open for the world, to be in harmony with all and everything.

    Do not let your energy flow into judgment and domination.

    Otherwise life would appear you as a chain consisting of fears of failure and of abandonment.

    Do not minimalize your own being and mind your right to exist.

  • Please tell me what I need to know about my career. I was in a school last year that was great

    and was moved to a new school which has many problems. I want to make a success of my career at this new school and need to know what to do to make it happen. I would like to know if and when I might develop a solid relationship with a man. I like this one man but am not sure how he feels about me. He use to live with my neighbor and we would spend time together although he never really asked me out. We became good friends and recently we have been e-mailing one another. I would like to know if he will start coming around. If not tell me what I need to know about the person that will want to be with me. Thanks for your time.

    Love and Light

  • Could you help me with a reading please. I need to know if i should move on. I,m in a very emotionally stressed relationship. I,m still holding back because we both have 2 children, but i,m all alone. I want to be happy, but i,m confused and still love him. Should i move on? or should i be patient maybe he would come back. This is my DOB 7th Dec, 1974. Thanks alot.

  • Hello again, it is me pilot007.

    Thanks for answering my question. I am disappointed that he will not be open and honest with me when we sit down and talk.

    I am wondering, does he perceive me as some sort of FOOl, IDIOT or DUMB ASS ! The reason as to why he is not open and honest with me? I would really like to know!!!!

    My D.O.B 04-21-73

    My D.O.B 06-30-50

  • Thank you Hanswolfgang for your time and reading. Could you do another one for me regarding my recent split up with my partner. How do I move on or should I still try with this? Peace x

  • Help, in a relationship with an Aries 3/23/53 he seems to care nd other times he seems so far away. Do I continue on with him or move on without him. I feel like we really care for one another, I just don't like the inconsitency. I am an Aquarius 2/5/62

  • Khemosabie,

    about your career: Always seek for clarity, always try to understand.

    About your success of your career at this new school: Do not repeat old patterns. Let this be a new beginning. Start afresh and start living more spontaneously.

    You will not develop a solid relationship with a man.

    This one man will not start coming around.

    The person that will want to be with you is one who likes to go his own individual way, aside of the usual parties, meetings and celebrations. When you are more capable of going your own way, without the urge of conforming with others because of emotional desires, you will meet a man, who is like you, because like attracts like, this is the law of the heart.

  • bimbobam,

    yes, you are right, you should move on, trusting yourself and your energy coming from your hara.

    You should not be patient, he would not come back. Trust your strong feelings about moving on and move. Follow your energy and do not fear. There is nothing to fear but blocking your energy.

  • pilot007,

    yes, I am sorry, but he perceives you as some sort of DUMB **** !

    He is a cautious and mistrusting person.

    He has problems with intimacy, always trying to keep a distance.

    He is too much in the head.

    He does not feel your pains, but he does not feel his own too.

    He does not feel your wishes, but he does not feel his own too.

  • azure2,

    oh no, you should not still try with this!

    Move on, with speed, you know, there must be a certain destination for you.

    Go on a journey, do not move on just figuratively, but in a spatial sense.



  • free4now,

    it is not so easy with you:

    On the one side the way is blocked, if you try to continue with him.

    On the other side if you do now move on without him, you will act out of your ego. You will lose your femininity, you will identify yourself with your male side.

    So first wait for your heart. A new love is coming and when you will feel it, you will know what to do.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    Thanks for sharing your gift with us 🙂 I was wondering what you can pick up about Darren's role in my future. My dob is 2/26/72.

    Thanks again - I can offer a absentee reiki in return for sharing your gift 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • If you would be so kind, Hanswolfgang, to give me some insight into my near future and what I need to do to improve my situation. I have been through many changes recently. My dob is 8/2/1970. Many thanks and much gratitude!


  • can u do a reading for how my boyfriend percieve me as a person.... how much meaning does my friendship have for him, what do u see in our future?...

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