What Does My Recurring Dreams Means ?

  • Hi everyone,

    It’s been three years since I have recurring dreams about the same person I have cords of attachment, and I’m connected to his past when he was a teen in that life.

    These recurring dreams started when I sent my first comment. The first dream was of such an intimate nature I could feel. Five days later, I had my second dream about him.

    Every morning, I was immediately overwhelmed and with a sensation of extreme disgust. It was also like possession, and he had a domineering attitude.

    Sometimes, I could feel him. It was vivid. I also felt he was lying on top of me and stocked my hair while whispering something in my ear. When I talked about that, someone told me it was probably astral travel.

    When I stopped to send the comments because of the recurring dreams the same night, the heavy atmosphere of dreams did change right now but not the nature of dreams. I still have the same kind of dream.

    The last year, I consulted a psychic because When I sent the comments, I started to sense a part of his past when that person was adolescent in this life. I've learned I had a past life with as well as cords of attachment.

    According to psychic, the reason why I get some information about his past is because I have a intense connection with in the 5D.

    I want to tell about all that for a good understanding of the situation. I still don’t know the message of my recurring dreams. What does them means?


  • @Blueangelheart7 Just a guess, but it may be trying to draw your attention to this connection that's being formed, or solidified, or reconnected. I can't really say why this is happening. Your higher self knows but it's not something you're aware of yet. The dreams are likely a way of trying to bring this into your awareness so that you can do something about it. I'd recommend a past life regression, or a deeper type of hypnosis. Look up BQH or QHHT sessions if there's someone in your area. Hope this helps!

  • Hi@IrieEden and thank you for replying. I like how you interpret this. I admit I didn't think about that. That's very interesting. Thanks also for your advice.

    Thank you.

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