• Tarot/ Spiritual Teacher entrepeneur newbie here! I could really use some insight on how to promote my business. Please and Thank you in advance.

  • @WisdomMoon17
    Create a website, a blog, there are many free options to begin using to promote business. About business Page, About me page, Service Page and contact page to begin with ... If you use Paypal use paypal buttons for clients to purchase from ...
    Another alternative- you could create a store/ Shop on Ko-fi where you can create a blog with all sorts of info related to Tarot readings etc .. Promote on Twitter, Instagram, FB and YouTube ... Or you could choose to promote yourself on Fiverr .. DO you have business cards from Vista Print... (inexpensive for 250) hand them out when you are out and about if possible ..
    These are some suggestions I have found has helped me over time ...make sure your banners are consistent throughout all pages so you can become easily recognizable with the same ID ....

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