Another one with a cancer man

  • Hello, people!

    I see there are many topics about cancer men and how confusing their occasional distancing can be. I've found myself smitten over one of these shellnuts aswell and would really benefit from your point of view.

    We are actually old friends and have known each other for about 15 years. I moved back to my hometown a little over a month ago and we have been hitting it off since. We have spent several evenings together, having a good time and enjoying ourselves just having drinks, talking and sharing. He has also been affectionate and the chemistry is obviously mutual. He has been texting regularly and everything has been going in a lovely pace.

    Recently he addmitted wanting to spend more time with me, as he feels really good being together. Then he pulled back. Became quiet, text less, initiate less conversation and dodged my proposals to meet. It really feels to me as my intuiton is sensing something bad. But when I think of it, it could as well be my previous experiences with guys, who made me feel left out and actually left me. This kind of behaviour also sounds very much cancer-like. I really am confused.

    Yesterday he was eager to text again, even sent me a little kiss emoji for good night, but today - silence again. I might have been a little distant and cold myself yesterday. And I do realize I might have to give things some time to clarify, but do you think I might reassure him in some way or let him have his space?

    Also, how do I know if he is just using me for attention?

    P.S. I do think I have been really clear about my affection towards him.

    E, an aquarius

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