Is he the one

  • I have done readings in the past but when it comes to my own life I need some help. I was seeing a guy (birthdate 7/26/65). He broke up with me in July but 5 days later he contacted me and we got back together. He just broke up with me a few days ago again. I've been told by a couple psychics (and I feel this myself) he will be back within a few weeks. Now I have a 4 year old daughter and he has never had kids. He's not sure he can handle the responsibility which is why we keep breaking up (but he keeps coming back because he does like me and he is good with my daughter). I know he's a work in progress but I'm not sure if I should keep up with this back and forth (he may never come around) or just let the door shut for good. My bithdate is 7/6/75. If you need names mine is Darlene and his is Bart. I want to thank you ahead of time for any thought you put into this.

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