Relationship reading from the Captain please

  • So Me And this Girl been talking on Facebook Off and on for a few years now I guess you could say we're kinda of having an online affair but she does have a boyfriend but I think she may end up dumping him this is a girl I went to school with so we know other my question is if we we're to ever hookup how would our relationship workout I am extremely attracted to this girl and I believe she is attracted to to me too my birthday is February 16 1996 and hers is December 2 1996

  • Your lives are fatefully intertwined, in a complex and not always obvious way. The focus of this relationship is often a kind of imitation, in which each person seeks to emulate the other, going so far in some cases as to mimic the other's style or personal characteristics. Thus, a principal theme in this matchup is interpretation, for the two of you will often go about copying each other in your own highly personal manner. Of course, it’s tempting to ask why you picked each other as role models in the first place, but the answer invariably lies at a fairly deep psychological level. One suggestion is that the 'impersonator' is roused by some important element in the life or character of the figure they are imitating, and wishes to be like that person. This is quite ironic, since in most cases the individual in question already carries, though unconsciously, the characteristics they perceive in the other person.

    Such personal and complex interchanges can make a love affair or friendship involved and difficult to fathom. Projection is often at work here, with this girl becoming the focus of your secret wishes or fantasies, and vice versa. You might feel she is quite motherly towards you and you like that. You can also remind her of her father in some way. An animus-anima attraction - that is, falling in love with a projection of one’s own idealized inner man or woman - is evident here. Marriage to someone reminiscent of one’s mother or father, or a dominant sibling, would not be unusual here, and a relationship like this may allow both of you either to work out childhood difficulties or just to reenact them. But in either case, it can be quite bewildering and frustrating for the other partner consistently to be treated as if he or she were someone else. The relationship can be therapeutic and inspirational in many ways. But the two of you must be careful to retain your own identities and know exactly who you are. Try to examine what attracts you to this person so you can solve your own mystery. Don't lose yourself in her life or drama and don't become her.

  • @TheCaptain thanks Captain did you pick up anything about her boyfriend will he be a problem? Does he know about me?

  • @scotty667 no he doesn't know about you and yes he can be a problem if he finds out, though mostly for her.

  • @TheCaptain will he come after me?

  • @scotty667 if he finds out about you...

  • @TheCaptain thanks again !

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