• Hi,
    Yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about someone and when I woke up and took my phone it was 3:33 am. I don’t know if this was a sign or anything but I took my deck and asked “ was he thinking about me too ”.
    I don’t know if the cards mean yes or no so I would need some help to interpret it.

    First position : 6 of cups
    Second position: 4 of pentacles
    Third position : king of cups
    Fourth position: page of cups
    Fifth position: five of wands

    Feedback :
    We used to work together and he confessed his feelings for me but nothing happened after that because some people started problems between us. We ended up being good but never talked more even though there was still chemistry.

    Thank you !

  • @Mariajyla
    let's look at some of the keywords for each of the cards ..
    6 of cups can talk about nostalgia, memories of the past
    4 of Pentacles can talk about holding onto something
    King of Cups can speak of caring, being kind but putting emotions to one side
    Page of Cups can speak of being easily hurt, wounded for some reason
    While Five of Wands an speak of battles, conflicts ...
    So that cards could speak of holding onto the memories of the past , but putting feelings to one side because of being hurt causing some conflicts within ... ..
    So looking at it in regards to being in context with your question ... He may have been thinking of you but have some past issues to deal with first causing some battles within himself at this time ..
    Hope this may give you some thoughts in what the cards could mean for you and him at this time ;. take care ..

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