Interpretation Opinions?

  • Hello all! I read for others professionally, but ironically I struggle to read for myself. I was curious to hear any interpretations of this spread I pulled for myself.

    Question: When will I get pregnant?

    I’m very interested to hear your opinions on this. Very interesting card pull.

    Deck: Rider Waite

    Top row: King of Swords, Queen of Swords, IV of Cups

    Bottom row: King of Wands, the Moon, the Sun

    Base card: Ace of Pentacles

  • @archangelmichael1013

    To answer your question (remember this could be a medical related question and may need a trip to a Doctor or specialist ... but let's look at some keywords of the cards ...

    the Top Row - King of Swords - could speak of needing to think deeply, find solutions to the problems, while Queen of Swords, could speak of nurturing the truth, the facts, perceptions, ideas, plans and thoughts related to this ... 4 of cups could talk about missing the bigger picture .. SO looking at these cards It could speak about missing the truth of the issue at this time ..
    Bottom Row - King of Wands - does speak of an enterprise, a venture to be had .. the Moon and the Sun speaks of Night and Day to be considered .. a sense of opposites are causing conflict .. overall these cards could speak of a journey ahead will have it's ups and downs (challenges )
    Ace of Pentacles could speak of potential being there ...

    My thoughts tell me there will be some challenges , some things that may not be so easy to achieve .. but the possibility is there ...
    When will you get pregnant .. I feel there are some things to face first , some action yet to be taken before things will actually happen ... ..
    Hope that helps, gives you some thoughts to think about .. take care ...

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