Who can give me an energy reading for me?

  • Who can give me an energy reading for me?

    I feel calm, a little bored, confused and stuck about where I am going in my new life as an awakened one. I've had major changes in my life over the last few years and could use some advice on what's next.


  • can you provide your birth date so I can tune into your energy?

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  • @TheCaptain My birthdate is March 17, 1985

    And thank you!

  • MS, this year for you is a quiet one, meant for you to rest, reflect on your life and gather your energy for the huge shift next year. 2022 will focus on your career, money and material life. It will be one of the most important and active years for a while and you must be ready for it.

    Your life purpose is to learn to make commitments and stick to them, and to realize that your happiness lies in dropping the facade of the public persona that you hide behind in favour of a purer, unaffected approach to life, one where you express yourself as naturally and directly as possible. Born with an innate belief that you are unworthy of love, you can grapple with the fear of revealing your true self to others. Often, you will try to prove that you are worthy of love by working very, very hard to get others to like you. Somewhere sometime, you may have been given the impression that you are a scary or unappealing individual - in essence, that you are unlovable. You may respond to this deep-seated message by hiding behind a facade - a rather serious and controlled one at that. As a natural psychologist, you possess a deep understanding of the human condition and its capacity for both good and evil. In part because of this understanding and, in part, due to actual experience, you are all too aware of the dangers of opening yourself up, only to be misused or mistreated. Thus, you tend to be reserved except with a select group of trusted friends and intimates. Self-sabotaging behaviour, like not finishing what you started or letting other people down, is intended to protect you from pain but ultimately these choices will only bring you unhappiness and bad luck. Your core lesson is to regain a rather child-like trust in the process of life and in its abundance of love for all. Transforming your view of the world will be no easy matter, but well worth the effort. Approaching life in a trusting rather than mistrusting way will open up your life and broaden your horizons immeasurably. If you can learn to trust yourself or something greater than yourself to catch you when you fall, you will free your own energy rather than keeping it stuffed inside or masked in some way. You will begin to feel that it is safe to show who you are to the world. You must adopt a completely natural approach to yourself and life. Nature is the perfect symbol since most natural phenomena operate only according to innate patterns. Similarly, you must listen only to the truth at your own core.

    Sometimes, the biggest turning points in your life will only occur when you have confronted the worst kind of rejection. Suddenly, you will come to realize that, no matter what you do, you can’t make other people approve of you or love you. Thus, you eventually will arrive at the conclusion that you may as well just be yourself and start having some fun. You must learn to trust in abundance and to come to love life, losing any fear of disapproval, and become more aligned with your own energy and desires and be more direct.

    One difficulty however lies in your drifting from one interest to another; rather than facing a challenge, you prefer to avoid or flow around it. There are many possible reasons for this: lack of self-confidence, dislike of confrontation and, above all, a fear of commitment and responsibility. When properly channeled, your curiosity and sense of optimism can bring great rewards, and the admiration and support of others. However, the more you evade conflict and difficult situations when a project or relationship encounters setbacks, the more you might be seen as irresponsible, flighty and unreliable. It is important for you to learn to face up to tedious or difficult situations; this will provide you with greater satisfaction than drifting lightly but aimlessly through life. You are here to work through issues of trust, patience, and emotional expression and to learn to have faith in the spiritual process operating within your life, establishing security by finding practical ways to contribute to other people's welfare as well as your own.

    You will be presented with many opportunities to blend your incisive mind with the down-to-earth practicality of maturity and your unique brand of sensitivity and expressiveness. You will likely always feel torn between the material aspects of daily life, family and practical business concerns and more spiritual, metaphysical interests and practices. But you can bridge and integrate the two worlds in creative ways, such as making money while bringing out more beauty, happiness or awareness for humanity.

    These things are your life's work.

  • @TheCaptain Thank you for this read, your message definitely resonated with me and is very definitive on where I have problems sticking to my plans. I often get distracted by bad thoughts and makes me go from one daydream to another--confusing me even further on my projects and goals. I am also trying to practice patience and trust in Divine Timing. I am grateful for the direction and guidance in knowing that I can relax this year which I have been doing...but I feel guilty for not doing enough. I suppose I will have to trust where I am being guided on my journey.

    Thank you for time and energy!


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